Chinese Culture

by Lauren, Mia, Grace, Jordan, and James


Our classical civilization was China, located in now modern Asia. China was around since the ancient times and they were very isolated from other civilizations for a while until the Silk Road came into operation. The Chinese kingdoms were ruled over in family reigns known as dynasties and each of the dynasties created many things that made China more advanced, such as a road and canal system that stretched all over China. China had some of the best cultural aspects of this time, such as their religions which influenced the Chinese beliefs, way of life, and government, their philosophers and inventors also were a major part of Chinese culture by creating new civil service’s in government and creating more advanced technology. The Chinese believed in Confucianism, it was their main philosophy ad was created by Confucius. The Chinese had many great architectures such as the Great Wall of China which was a group effort over all the Emperors in a very long time, but in the end the Great Wall protected China from many enemies for a long time. The chinese also had many powerful leaders like Qin Shi Huangdi he was cruel and his people hated him but he was extremely productive to the growth of China, like by building a huge road and canal system that helped connect China. Because of all these amazing aspects of culture, China had the best cultural aspects and achievements out of all the civilizations during classical times.

How did religion control or influence their lives?

Religion controlled and influenced the lives of Chinese citizens with Confucianism and Buddhism because they had to follow the beliefs of the religions. Confucianism is a philosophy created by Confucius but it was so worshiped it was considered as a religion. Confucianism influenced the Chinese citizens because its beliefs were a set thing people couldn’t just not follow rules when they were given. For example, in Confucianism, sons had to respect their fathers and the fathers had to set a good example for their sons. Another example is in Buddhism, everyone had to respect everyone which influenced people in being nice and kind to one another. Chinese citizens also had to go to temples and pray to their ancestors and philosophers several times a day as part of their religious beliefs about ancestor worship. By doing this religion took away from other activities. Since respecting your elders was extremely important the things that the older generations were taught by religions could have just became second nature to the younger ones and their lives became heavily influenced by the religions that they followed. The religions of Chinese citizens controlled and influenced them.

What innovations had the largest impact on the classical societies and what were the impacts?

There were many innovations that had a large impact on China. One innovation was The Great Wall of China. It made a huge impact because it helped protect China from the nomads from invading China and it helped protect China because of it. Another innovation was paper. Paper was very important because it influenced literature and art. Before paper, the Chinese used silk to write documents, but paper gave a new and advanced way for writing documents and records. A historian who wrote down documents of China’s history was Sima Qian, and this written record book, called Historical Records was an innovation on it’s own, because before this, China never knew much about their history and past leader’s accomplishments, but this complete written history allowed China to become more knowlegable on their history. Another important innovation that during the Qin dynasty, they made a network of roads all over China. This was an important innovation because it made transportation and travel throughout the Chinese empire and kingdoms so much easier than it was before. Finally, one of the other important innovations the Chinese made was acupuncture. This is very important because this was an advanced new form of curing diseases by placing fine needles through the body, acupuncture helped to cure diseases and pain.



Chinese Architecture

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Chinese Philosophers

Chinese leaders

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So, in conclusion, China had the best cultural aspects and achievements of the classical civilizations. China had amazing philosophies, religion, and architecture. There were two major Chinese philosophies, Buddhism and Confucianism. Confucianism was created by Confucius. The basic beliefs of Confucianism were that kids should always listen to their father, wives should listen to their husbands, and that leaders should lead by example. Confucius also believed that there were five human relations they were ruler and ruled; father and son; husband and wife; older brother and younger brother; and friend and friend. In Buddhism people were supposed to accept one another and be kind. Buddhists went to temples to worship and pray. Both of these philosophies made a very big impact on Chinese citizens and government. China’s achievements were very strong and useful so that made it easier for people now in the modern world. Their architecture also helped China become more unified, and their leaders also influenced China and helped create achievements. The Chinese religions were very important in influencing Chinese daily life and beliefs. The Chinese were very innovative and were very intelligent, and with both these things, they made up the very unique cultural aspects of the ancient Chinese!