Math Update

Week of January 11th

This Week in Math

This week we'll continue to practice fraction computation. Through learning centers, independent practice and small group instruction, students will continue to work toward mastery of this multi-step skill. Quizzes will be given over the new two weeks to determine student progress. Meanwhile, we'll begin a new unit on graphing starting with line graphs - graphs that show change over a period of time. Students will generate a question, collect data, construct a graph, and plot up to six data points. Extension activities include using the online program, Create-A-Graph.


Just a reminder that homework is now completed daily. Our first (partial) week went very well - 95% of students were prepared each day. Let's shoot for 100% this week! Thank you for all of your support at home!

Important Dates/Upcoming Assessments

January 11: Report Cards Sent Home

January 11: Fraction Quiz

January 18: Martin Luther King Day - Schools Closed

January 27-28: Math Benchmark Test 2

Contact Mrs. Peasley

Please be sure to sign and return the report card envelopes. If you have any concerns or would like to request a conference to discuss your child's progress, please contact me through email or phone.