Window displayer

By: Roxana Delgado

Overview/ job description

This career has had a positive look on choices as a first job. The career of a window displayer is an amazing way to start off as a fashionable designer. On the other hand, it would be fun to make the fitting of those products as well, like, manikins or simply designing and displaying.

Produts to display

Training and educaton

A bit of college will be needed along with a high school diploma, and a degree is optional, but the college is optional too. Hands-on experience is going to needed for two years. Working with partners is also going to be needed with the two year training.

Work enivoirment

The career is going to be indoors and going to be in a office. Your outfit for job is to wear appropriate and simple clothing. Most likely the job will be individual, but might be in a group depending on the store. (Information from O*Net Online)


Responsibilities for this career is to be on time for work, and not being goofy while working. If you do not be responsible during your job, then you might get warnings. If you get too many warnings then you can get fired on the spot.