The Deadly Komodo Dragon

One of the deadliest animals in the World

How Deadly There are?

What's more, it's no freak accident. The world's largest lizards, which can measure up to 10 feet, weigh up to 150 pounds and boast sharp, bacteria-laden teeth, reportedly have launched several attacks on humans in recent months. They live in island of Komodo in Indonesia,but do kill for it (food) example : deers or others,and especially humans.I fear Komodo Dragons because there very vicious to anything

Komodo Dragon attacking a deer.
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Fearful Examples

They eat animals,but these animals maybe eat animals that people like.Thats just the way it is for survival and these animals (Komodo Dragons)are so vicious they even eat us for starvation if have too. So I would maybe afraid and will do something if it was willing to eat a friend (human).I would be afraid maybe if one already ate friend in a future.