5 artistic changes of renaissance



they showed a better way of depth, height and width this made it more realistic, and life like.


Italian art has influenced several major movements throughout the centuries and has produced several great artists. Today Italy has an important place in the international art scene with several major art galleries, museums and exhibitions, major artistic centres in the country include its capital city, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Turin, and other cities.
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refers to a method of representing an object in a picture in depth. For example, imagine how a standing man looks in terms of dimensions, seen from the front.
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Humanists celebrated the mind, beauty, power, and enormous potential of human beings. They believed that people were able to experience God directly and should have a personal, emotional relationship to their faith. God had made the world but humans were able to share in his glory by becoming creators themselves.
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Colour is so central to my love of the early Renaissance and yet so difficult to find focused research on its meaning.Sfumato is translated as many different things in English including misty, toned down, dissolving and softened, but I think smoky is the most convincing. Leonardo once wrote that light and shade should blend without lines or borders in the manner of smoke.
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perspective picture:

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