MB's Multi 1-2 Highlights!


Welcome To or Welcome Back To S'More Newsletters!

Hello Everyone,

It is one of my goals this year to use these awesome S'More online newsletters at least 2 times per month. It is also my goal to have the students help me write them. Life sure has been busy, and time has just been breezing by!!! So consider this a catch up for the past 9 weeks, and the students and I will begin writing them during the new month that has just arrived...NOVEMBER. How did that happen already?

Please let me know how you like these newsletters, via an email or Seesaw message, and if there is anything else you would like to see included in them.

Our main everyday communication will continue with the Seesaw app (talk about awesome hahaha!!!). Students will be posting their work more frequently using Seesaw, now that we have our routines down pat, and they are on their way to working independently through the activities involved in our routines.

So here we go, on with some highlights from September and October!

Daily 5 CAFE

One of our Most Famous and Favorite Routines!

Daily 5 is the structure for our literacy block. The Daily 5 stands for 5 literacy choices: Read to Self, Read with Someone, Listen to Someone Read, Work on Writing, and Word Work. We spent the month of September and the first week of October learning this structure and practicing reading, writing, word work, listening, and speaking skills, and building our independence stamina. 2nd grade students modeled the right way~the wrong way~and then the right way to work on reading and writing throughout this daily choice.This year we combined our class minute totals of perseverance, and building of our independence stamina with Mrs. Langelier's class totals. The grand total was over 558 minutes during the first four weeks of school. Impressive? Absolutely! The time spent on ensuring students are practicing reading and writing strategies and skills independently is priceless. It also allows for, pretty much, uninterrupted instructional time, and the all important one on one conferring time, which is one of the best and most effective things I do!

CAFE stands for our reading strategies menu. The menu is displayed in the center of our room and is one of my most important instructional tools.

CAFE stands for:

C-Comprehension, A-Accuracy, F-Fluency, and E-Expand Vocabulary

Several times per week the students participate in focus lessons zeroing in on specific reading strategies which fall under one of the CAFE headings.

Using amazing mentor texts, fiction and non fiction, we have already focused in on:


  • Set purpose for reading
  • Check for Understanding
  • Back up and Reread
  • Use prior knowledge to predict and connect with the text
  • Retell; include sequence of main events
  • Look carefully at letters and words
  • Cross Check: Do the words...look right? sound right? make sense?
  • Recognize high frequency words at sight


  • Read texts that are a good fit
  • Use punctuation to enhance phrasing and prosody (Reading the book the way the author intended.)

E-Expand Vocabulary:

  • Tune into interesting Words
  • Use word parts

C-A-F-E: All Four!

  • Read Voraciously (Voracious: Engaging in an activity with great eagerness or enthusiasm; Wanting or devouring great quantities of!)

One of the strategies which has received almost daily focus is: Read texts that are a good fit. Students have been trained in the I PICK method for choosing Good Fit Books.


  • I- I Choose something to read.
  • P- Purpose-What is my purpose for reading?
  • I-Interest-Does it interest me?
  • C- Comprehend-Do I understand it?
  • K-Know-Do I know almost all of the words?
Good Fit Book lessons will continue throughout the school year, throughout life really!!! Students may shop for Good Fit Books during a Read to Self choice once per week.

Our wonderful and talented educational technicians, and parent, grandparent, and Jr. High volunteers are being trained in conferring with students about their Good Fit Book choices. After meeting about their good fit books, students are awarding one book, a golden Good Fit Book Award, which they sign and place on the back of the book!

Now that the beginning of the school year assessments have been completed and I have updated data about each reader and writer, I have the great privilege to meet with each one of your readers and writers, and decide with them on their next steps, and set some strategy goals. For the next month I will focus in on Good Fit book choices also. As I am doing this I get the chance to select existing strategy strengths and to look for a few more strategies which will help the reader and writer to grow into an even better reader and writer than they already are!

More Daily 5 CAFE Time and Flashlight Friday Read to Self Time!

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Writing Workshop

Another World Famous and Favorite Routine!

I am so lucky to get to teach and take part in Writing Workshop everyday! This is another one of our favorite times of the day. I use the writing workshop model and lessons detailed in Jennifer Jacobson's book "No More I'm Done!" to teach writing and allow daily opportunities for young writers to WRITE!!!! I also use many great ideas from The Daily 5 CAFE website. My favorite way to get next steps in writing instruction is to confer with writers!!!!

Our Writing Workshop in a Nutshell:

Focus Lessons: Mini lessons by MB and Student Writers, Modeled Writing by MB, and Mentor Text Lessons

10 Silent Minutes of Writing: Priceless and Magical! Give it a try sometime!!!!

Everyone, including MB, writes for 10 mins. silently, using a pencil.

20 Minutes of Quiet Writing: Students continue to write, illustrate, use editing kit, work with writing supplies, confer with MB, discuss their writing with a peer, and keep writing!

10 Minutes to Share: Two authors and illustrators, per workshop, share writing using a microphone. The author asks for feedback via questions from two of his/her peers.


A Third Amazing and Fun Routine!

STWEAM stands for: Science/Social Studies-Technology-Writing-Engineering-Art-Mathematics. Every Wednesday our class buddies up with Mrs. Langelier's class. Together we are introduced to or review a science or social studies concept. Then we set about exploring the concept through experiments, viewing of videos, creating an artifact, showing what we now know, and learning so many new things to name a few!!! So far this year we have worked on:

  • Being a member of a community
  • Simple Machines
  • Consumers and Producers
  • The parts of an Apple
  • The Life Cycle of a Tree
  • Why and How Leaves Change Colors

Our latest work found us viewing two books, one fiction, one non fiction: "Fletcher and The Falling Leaves" and "Why Do Leaves Change Colors?". After some group discussions about the texts, the students created a painting inspired by Fletcher and his falling leaves, and they will soon record themselves stating what they would share with Fletcher about the leaves, their new knowledge. We hope to have all of the paintings on display in time for our Parent Student Teacher Conferences coming up in about a week. Many thanks to Kate for getting the first round displayed. To record their information about what has happened to the leaves, the students will use the Seesaw app to make a recording. Then they will print off a QR code for the recording. The QR code will be placed on their painting. All folks interested will be able to scan the QR codes and listen to the students' explanations which will accompany their works of art!

Big picture

Creating STWEAM Notebooks with our new cool mini binders and Meme!

Big picture

Apple Picking with Mrs. Langelier's Class!

Simple Machine Playgrounds

Star Reader

A New Routine Which We Also LOVE!

One of the 24 jobs the students made job descriptions for is STAR READER! This is a new and exciting job in our classroom. It takes part during our closing circle several days during the week. Students have the chance to read a book or two to the class with MB, or on their own. They may also invite a guest reader from outside of our classroom in our school, or someone from home. What fun we have had so far this year. We have learned about some new books, or had the chance to visit with some of our favorite books. Many thanks for all who have joined us so far. We look forward to this job and routine every week!

Morning Meeting and Closing Circle

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Our Favorite Ways to Begin and End the Day Together

Each day after snack, clean up and read to self time, we have a Morning Meeting. This is a chance to learn some new things about each other, to hear what we will be working on together as we review our daily agenda, and to build our Dream Team! During Closing Circle time we say goodbye, fill each other in on things we might be doing with our families and friends outside of school (1-2-3 Pop pictured above), and listen to our Star Readers!


Big picture

Speaking of a DREAM TEAM...

Our class has already earned a Warm and Fuzzy party and we are soooooo close to earning our second one. The whole class and individuals earn warm and fuzzies throughout the day for excellent behavior and exceeding expectations with our Dream Team classroom written rules and responsibilities. Every time a warm and fuzzy is earned it is tallied. At the end of the day Cameron counts the tallies and puts the warm and fuzzies into our earned jar. When a party is earned the class votes on a type of celebration to have. We had a PJ and Stuffed Animal party for our first one.

Our class is truly a DREAM TEAM! We work hard everyday, and our hard work is certainly showing up in all kinds of ways. We have received compliments from all kinds of adults including Ms. I. and Mrs. V. who was our guest teacher. Ms. I has complimented us on how awesome we are in the hallway. Mrs. V. said we are the best kiddos she has subbed for!!! YEAH US!!!!


Creepy Underwear, The Ghost Eye Tree, Food Buffet Oh My!!!

On Halloween this past week, we had the chance to listen to and respond to the book "Creepy Pair of Underwear" HAHAHAHAHA! After listening to the book, Hudson gave a quick lesson on how to create a Frankenstein face. Then we each set out to create our own pair of Creepy Underwear! Later in the day Mrs. Langelier and MB presented "The Ghost Eye Tree"! Right after that excitement, we had the chance to feast at our Halloween Food Buffet. Many thanks to Lisa and Jennie our room moms, and to everyone who sent in supplies for this event. (Sorry for the email list mix up, with some help from IT I think we have it figured out now.) Along with our Multi 1-2 buddies from next door, we had a sweet treat, veggies and dips, cheese and crackers, fruit, water, juice, salty snacks, and tons of fun. We also had the chance to pick a few pieces of wrapped candy to place into the Halloween Safety bags Officer Long gave to us. What lucky ducks we are!

Until Next Time...

I hope that has caught you up on some of the highlights of the past few months of school, and a few things which have not been shared yet on Seesaw. Please know that you may share this S'more Newsletter with your family and friends! Also, just a reminder, or an fyi if it is news to you, your child's Seesaw online journal may be shared with up to 10 family members. Let me know if you need help with sharing!

Next S'more will feature all of the incredible work the students do with Mrs. Langelier during Math Content and Math Workshop, as well as Wonderful Word Study time with MB!!!

Thanks for the great students I get to teach, laugh, and learn with each day!