Sinead O'Connor

Former singer-songwriter and musician

Her fame started in 1980, with her album "The Lion and the Cobra" was released. Sinead had a sick son, so she called off her tour to take care of him. "It is the type of condition my child will definitely survive, if correct care is taken and is supervised by myself."

Stress Beyond Belief

She relied on gigging to put food on the table so no longer going on tour was stressful for O'Connor. On January 11, 2012 she tweeted, "I am very unwell and in danger" as a cry for help, seeking a local psychiatrist. Sinead was considered to be Bipolar. The psychiatrist told her, "It may take years or months to piece your life back together after the damage is done."

Foe or Family?

Sinead's children and ex-husband are blamed for her attempt at committing suicide by overdosing. She released this information that she was "not at a hotel somewhere in Ireland. Apparently I'm some rotten horrible mother..." Sinead took this deeply, for the fact that she had even called her tour off for her son when he was a child. She was eventually found "safe and sound" and went to a psychiatrist for help from then on out.