Kaitlyn's steps to nursing

My path to becoming what i want to be

My plain to becoming a nurse

Well my name is Kaitlyn and I want to be a RN Nurse.

First I have to finsh high school and volunteer at a day care. Then I will need to save up enough money to get a car so i can drive back and forth to collage. When I volunteer at places it will help me get in to a collage and volunteering would give off the in pression that I can listen and do things I am told.I will have to follow a nurse around for a day and help her with what ever she/he needs help with.I will have to listen to what they say. I have to pay off my student loan in 20 years. I will be paying 349.13 a monthly.When i finsh collage I will have to apply at many hospitals and see witch one will let me work there.I really want to work at Bapist hospital.

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where I want to work

I want to work at Baptist Hospital as an RN Nurse .If I work there I would have to go to school to be an RN. I would have yo get into a four year under graduated masters program licensing exam, salary range is 60,513 a year.Monthly I would get 5,043
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The collage I wont to go to

I want to go to UNCG- University of North Carolina,Greensboro.UNCG recevies 9,547freashmen applications for the fall of 2012 semoster,5,778 of these applications were admitted.The fall 2012 freshmen classes included 2,512 students.Here is the profile of UNCG's average admitted freshmen.Average high school GPA:3.68
SAT middle 50% ranges 470- 570 (critical reading) 490-580 (writing)
and you average ACT is 23

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My high school plain

In high school the courses I will have to take are English 4-units (emphasis on gramer, composition, and literature)

Math 4-(including algebra 1,geometry,algebra 2,and one approved course beyond algebra 2)

Science3- units (including at least one unit life or biological science, at least one laboratory course)

Social science 2- units (must include one of U.S. history and one unit in history, economics sociology or civics) and i will have take foreigon language.