Goldfields: Women & chidren

By: Mohamed


During the gold rush 95% of all women were married and there was 3000 to 4000 kids in the goldfields.In 1851 lots of men left whatever they were doing and went to look for gold.Only 8% of women were store keepers the rest were needlewomen, dressmakers, milliners and binders.

children moved schools frequently because their parents moved locations in search for gold.

Moving to new locations also meant that schools were not established.Children had towait for an education because most parents could not educate their own children when they had no education of their own . Many children did not speak english and could not read or wright some children recieved no education, these children had to work on the goldfields panning for gold or performing duties such as cleaning and looking after horses.

Roles and Responsibilities of Women

Women had to take care of thier

Women and Children's health

Women and children on the goldfields had no medical treatment and there were many diseases.

When women were giving birth, only other women could help.In the goldfields there were many diseases and not much cures.On the australian goldfields there wasn't many docters, so it would cost lots of money to see one.

More than 200 children on the Australian goldfields were buried in