NCVPS Spanish 4 Honors

con la Sra. Beverly Myers

Week 13, April 22-28

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Week 13

I hope everybody had a great weekend and I know many schools are out this week. Just a reminder that NCVPS does not observe Spring Break and students have assignments due this week. Last week I did not send out a SMORE, but I contacted all parents about student progress.

Students should be done with ALL assignments in Unit 6, as they were due this past Thursday. If not, they should catch up ASAP! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions about your student or his/her average. Speak with your student about his/her progress and encourage him/her to stay on pace with each week's assignments.

This week we are starting Unit 7, Las Posibilidades (Possibilities) where students are learning about studying in another country and the possibility of career opportunities.

Below is a list of this week's assignments.

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Required Live Classes

Students have 3 opportunities this week to attend an RLC for Unit 7. I will be teaching my RLC for Unit 7 on Wednesday night @ 8pm (April 24).
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Peer Tutor Center

Did you know that NCVPS has a section called Tutor Talk? Students at NCVPS write articles about different topics. Check out one of the articles, "Brain on Paint" by Pauline A.

How are grades calculated?

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Students have 2 upcoming Culture Cafe sessions they can attend for Extra Credit. (This is the only Extra Credit offered for our course.) Students can go to their Home page on Canvas and click on the icon, The Culture Cafe for a detailed lists of future Culture Cafe sessions and how to log into the session. After attending a Culture Cafe session, students will complete a reflection about the class and submit it for extra credit. The Culture Cafe does not have to be about Spanish, but can be about any culture/language offered.
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Myers