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Trust Your Power Within - What Is Your Power Source?

Durcell has launched a series of positive ads and I am truly appreciative.

Trust. Power. Belief. This can be a long arduous journey. Great stamina and perseverance are often required. International Day of the Girl reminds us how important it is to trust your power within. What's your power source?

Your ability to see what is possible when others are being "realistic" about the impossiblities -- well, to say the least, this can be challenging. The whisper of a dream within isn't always audible to others. My power source is grounded in a belief in God, Jesus specifically. The spiritual connection opens my eyes to a world of possibilities. The grain of sand along the sea shore, the vast sky, the smile of a stranger are reminders that someone greater than me is powerful. No dream is to big and no act of kindness to small to set us in a new direction. One small step leads to a walk. The daily walk leads to a stride fueling me to run forth with passion. Perseverance and daily commitment become a wind source setting me to sail in uncharted waters. In the course of time, the belief has grown wings and I am no longer flying solo.

At you will hear the voices of your future and present. Let them whisper encouragement and belief into your dreams. In many languages, you can trust the quality of their research and know that we believe in you, too.

Gael Sylvia


Duracell: Trust Your Power - Amy Purdy, Paralympic Snowboarder Team USA

حباب رویا

حباب رویا

حباب رویا یک شبکه رادیویی ای هست که در آنجا از اشخاص، مخصوصأ از خانمها و آقایان افغانی، دعوت می شود تا آنها از رویاها و آرزوهای که در مورد آینده ای خود ،جامعه و افغانستان دارند و چطور میخواهند آن رویاها را به واقعیت مبدل سازند حرف بزنند. حباب رویا بطور خاص کسانی را تشویق میکند که میخواهند تغیرات مثبت در جامعه ای خود بیاورند ،مخصوصأ در عرصه ای حقوق زن تا که در مورد آینده ای رویایی ای که آنها مد نظر گرفته و پلانها و استراتیژی های که برای کسب آن میخواهند در پی بگیرند فکر کنند و با ما به اشتراک بگزارند.

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