Small Steps

Peg Kehret

Mahalia Atienza

In Small Steps a girl named Peg gets polio she has spasms such as head aches, her feet start to tremble and can not walk her, then her legs start to pump up and down in choir class, and she starts to have a fever. On pg 12 Her leg buckles and she collapsed on to the floor when she gets home her mom takes her tempure and she has a one hundred and two fever so her mom decides that she need to stay home. She sleeps for long while and when she wakes up she has a head ache, her throat is sore, and she felt really weak. Then a doctor came to her house and checked her, he told her mom she had polio and then she was taken to a hospital for help.

A few months has passed and she's getting better she was moved to a new hospital called Sheltering Arms she met girls named Alice, Dorthy, Renee, and Shirley that where there before her. Alice as been there for 10 year becuase her parents where to embarrested of her becuase of her conditions so they turned her into the state and told them to take care of her.

Peg is someone with encouragement and she sometimes as an adititude she is very nice and always thinks about others and she big hopes one day that she will acheve one hope she said thet she will acheve is one day she will walk again.

Mt opinion on this book it is a great book to read it tell how a girl gets poilo and she always beileves that one day she will get better. Also how she gets to meet girls that have had poilo and still do and see the struggle that they had to deal with and she always as hopes for them to get better. Another one is that she help a girl named Alice with her fear that no one love her the way she is and wont every like her the way she is.

The setting of this book is in Sheltering arms in Minnesota

The problem of this book is that a girl named peg had poilo and was moved from hospital to hospital. One day she wakes up and her muscels are better but shes still has poilo but not as much of the poilo and she was get better by each day.

A window of understanding opened in my mind, and the breeze of compassion blew in . That quote reminds me to always be brave and beliving.