Team Thirty-Oneders

March 2014

Hello Ladies!

WOW!! What an amazing month we had in March! You ladies totally "oneder" and amaze me!! I remember thinking on the 10th of the month that we've NEVER had team sales this high this early in the month! We're typically a late month team, but not in March! And April is starting off pretty strong too! Party on ladies! Keep it up! =)

I'm trying a new newsletter- hopefully you like! I'd love feedback! I'm trying to make it more interactive and offer some training through it as well!

Team Stats:

YTD Sales~ $22,212.50
March Sales~ $11,487.50 (um, LADIES, we BEAT ALL YEAR in ONE month!!)
March Parties~ 21 (I mean, seriously, this is AMAZING!!)
March Recruits~ 1
March Qualified~ 2

Rebecca Embry

Sandy Thomas 2 years ~ Julie Morris 2 years ~ Lisa Terry 1 year

Qualified means that you sold your first $1000!

Jenna Austill ~ Ruth Haire

Bethany Sinclair

Ruth Haire ~ $2,639.00

Personal Volume:

  • Jenna Austill $839.50
  • Bethany Sinclair $667.00
  • Amy Espinosa $651.00
  • Kristy Keith $573.00
  • Emilee Gish $498.50
  • Charity Pinkston $450.00
  • Kim Walker $447.00
  • Julie Clark $372.50
  • Ashley Walker $242.50
  • Sandy Thomas $239.50
Ruth Haire 6
Amy Espinosa 1
Bethany Sinclair 1
Kristy Keith 1
Charity Pinkston 1
Emilee Gish 1
Ashley Walker 1
Kim Walker 1
Jenna Austill 1
Julie Clark 1

Congratulations, YOU ladies are off to a strong start and on your way to a successful business!

Danielle Tucker Level 2
Jenna Austill Level 1 (and $100 NEW CONSULTANT BONUS)
Ruth Haire Level 1

National Conference 2014 Dream it, BE it!


This AWESOME incentive runs until the 15th of April! There's still time to host your own party (online, home or wherever) EVEN IF YOU don't have any parties on the books!!!

Upcoming Events:

Celebrator & Connect June 14-21 (mine 16th 6PM)

National Conference July 23-25

Celebrate & Connect August 9-16 (mine 11th 6PM)

*questions please let me know*

Team Incentive!

Ladies, I've been wanting to offer a team incentive for a while, but couldn't ever find something that could be consistent, fair and cost effective. I've talked to other directors and looked at many incentives, now I think I've got the one that will work for us! I'm going to introduce it and try it out for the Summer months to see how it goes. If it goes over well, we'll keep it! I'm so excited to be able to offer this to you!!