Virtual Resume

By: Jasmine Mann


Academic Goal

S - My academic goal is I want to have a average of 90% or above in math by the end of this semester, which ends in June of 2016.

M - I can track my goal by keeping all my quizzes, tests and assignments in my binder, so I can add up all my marks and calculate them to see how much I am getting and what I would need to get on the exams at the end of the semester to reach my goal.

A - I will reach my goal by being attentive in class when lessons are being taught or when work is being took up, completing my homework every day, always checking my answers to make sure there right, always studying for quizzes and test nights before in advance, asking my teacher for help if I don't understand something, asking my friends for help, and my joining the after school tutoring program, Counting On You where I can get extra help.

R - My goal is realistic and do-able as Math is a really important subject to me and I want to do my best in the class so I will study extremely hard to reach it. Also last semester in Math I got a 87%, my goal is to get a 90% or above so I will say that my goal is do able as I came pretty close to doing it last year and last year there were times in the semester where I struggled and didn't ask the teacher for extra help and also at times didn't complete all of my homework. This semester I will make sure to not repeat the mistakes I made last year.

T - I want to reach my goal by the end of the semester this year, so in the month of June 2016. I don't want to wait till Grade 11 to try and reach for a 90% average, as not only do I have the opportunity to achieve my goal now but also Math will only get harder so if I do good this year it will be easier next year. I want to achieve a 90% average in Math in Grade 11 and 12 as well, as consistency is important to me.

Volunteering Goal

S - My Volunteering Goal is I want to complete 100 hours of community service by the end of my High School career, which ends in June of 2018.

M - I can track my goal by keeping all of my community service hours sheets, so I can calculate how many hours I have in total. As every time you go to volunteer you have to get a sheet signed by the supervisor you are working under to show that you did the work and how many hours of work you completed that day. I can keep those sheets and add up my total hours.

A - I will reach my goal by going in to volunteer whenever I can such as on days I have school off like the weekends, march break, and during summer vacation.

R - My goal is realistic and do-able as currently I have 43 Hours of Community Service already. I got most of my hours by volunteering at my all middle school Lougheed on days I had off. In 1 year and a half I have 43 and am just 57 Hours away from reaching my goal. If I continue to volunteer at the rate that I am right now I will certainly reach my goal of 100 hours.

T - I want to reach my goal by the end of my High School Career, which would end in June of 2018. As I started getting hours when I was in Grade 9 I want to complete 100 hours by then, so that it can be a part of my life in High School and that for University I can start something new.

Preparing for Transitions and Change

Future Job Resume


Jasmine Mann


23 Hartwell Gate

Brampton , Ontario






To earn a position as a Medical Surgical nurse at your hospital


Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

London , Ontario

September 2022 - May 2025

McMaster University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hamilton , Ontario

September 2018 - May 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Brampton , Ontario

September 2014 - May 2018


Peer Tutor, Math

February 2017 - June 2018

Math Elites

September 2015 - June 2018

Trivia Club

September 2015 - June 2018

Eco Squad

September 2015 - January 2016

Volunteer Experience

Knights Table

Food Bank

Brampton , Ontario

June 2018 - August 2021

Trillium Health Partners

Hospital Volunteer

Mississauga , Ontario

March 2016

Lougheed Middle School

Assisting Teachers at Lougheed Middle School

Brampton , Ontario

January 2015 - January 2016

Skills and Abilities

Ability to problem solve, responsible, organized, ambitious, on time, friendly, understanding, positive, honest, respectful, good listener, good planner, observant, good communication and social skills, knowledgeable, pays attention to details


Deans List

May 2022

Graduated Valedictorian

June 2018

Graduated High School Honor Roll

June 2018


Certified in First Aid CPR

January 2015


Ms. Adali , Grade 8 Teacher, supervised Volunteer work , Lougheed Middle School , (905) 789-8751

Challenges and Solutions

Disadvantages of Nursing and Overcoming them

Long Hours

The hours nurses work are a lot different than your average 9 to 5 job. Most full time nurses work either 40 or 36 hours a week, but they don’t work 8 hours a day. If a nurse works 40 hours a week, often they will work only 4 days but in 10 hour shifts. If a nurse works 36 hours a week, that is usually in 3 12 hour shifts. These hours are very gruelling, as it is harder for nurses to work on less sleep. Sleep deprivation is also known to cause joint and muscle pain. Studies have shown that long hours added with an already very demanding job increase the number of errors committed. This is very important as it takes only one mistake to put a patient's life in jeopardy. How you can overcome these challenges is when arrive home from work and you’re working another long shift the next day go to sleep shortly after you arrive. Only do the things that are necessary, otherwise go to sleep so you can maximize the amount of sleep you get. During the day eat a lot eat a big breakfast to get you going, eat a big lunch and constantly snack on small fruits or other healthy snacks throughout the day. Also since hospitals have rooms with beds for employees, if you are free just sit down and get some shut eye for a while. Even 10 minutes will help. These methods will help you get through your long shifts and then you get to enjoy and spend time with your family and friends as you have 3 or 4 straight days off.

Continued Education (CE)

Technology has had a huge effect on medical science, it has helped develop so many new methods and cures and has also helped improve efficiency and limit errors. A lot of the older nurses are unfamiliar with this new technology and equipment. As when they went to university or nursing school technology wasn’t as important as it is today. To help these older nurses keep up some institutions are now making Continued Education (CE) mandatory. Continued Education are programs that help bring people up to date. What continued education means for a nurse is they must complete a certain number of approved CE hours in between there license renewals. It depends on where you work on how many hours are required, most only require 20. This may seem really hard but it is not it’s quite easy for nurses to earn their hours. Some ways nurses can earn their hours are by attending a seminar or have articles published in medical journals. Some institutions even pay nurses to attend these program. CE does have it's benefits as the entire point is to help nurses better understand the way technology is being used in medical science or train them in other skills that will make them better at their job and improve efficiency, this only increases their knowledge. If a nurse only works 3 or 4 days a week they can spend 1 or 2 days each week on CE and they’ll have their hours in no time. Even if a nurse works 5 days a week, they’ll have small shifts so they still have time to earn their hours. Nurses also have a lot of time to earn those hours as they have all the time in between their license renewals. Continued Education is beneficial for nurses and easy to earn.


Respect is being treated fairly, as an equal to your peers, respect is being acknowledged for your work and effort. Sadly nurses are not given respect frequently. Nurses are often denied respect as people value the work doctors do more than the work nurses do, even though the work nurses do is crucial to a patient's care as nurses check blood pressure, temperature, record health records, give medicine and often provide emotional support. It is not only being overlooked for the work they do, nurses work in hostile environment. Fellow nurses and and nursing managers can be quite rude, critical and unsupportive. A report found that over 60% of new nurses quit because of the hostile environment of their work place. Patients also often lash out at nurses at they are the easiest targets. While nurses do the best they can it can be quite difficult to please the demands of patients. Nursing is already a physically and psychologically very draining job, this will just cause more emotional trauma. How we can overcome this and give nurses respect is people must be more educated on the profession, people should know all the work nurses put in. The people must also stand with nursing unions to get the government to stop job cuts as there is already a shortage of nurses at hospitals. Help stop this as right now nurses are seen as unnecessary and important.