Internet Resources for Teachers

Presented By: Lauren Meis


This website allows you to search and share blog posts ranging in categories from Inspiration to Education to Food. There are countless educators online that share their ideas for the classroom. Pinterest is a simple way to be exposed to other teacher's ideas and to collect all of them in one place.

TED Talks

TED Talks are given by professionals on various topics. There are great TED Talks out there on education!


WordPress is a website that allows you to create your own website. This is a great way to organize tools for your classroom for your students to easily access. I have created my own website on WordPress. To browse my website click here.

Teachers should NEVER feel alone with all of the RESOURCES available online!


In the video below, the creator of EdPuzzle explains what you can do with the website. There are great resources for teachers to use and share as well as tools that help teachers to make their lessons more precise.

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle

School Tube

This video was found on This resource is similar to YouTube but all of the videos are education based and school appropriate!

Use internet resources to make learning an ordinary subject fun!


This is an educational video to help your students recognize and deal with stress! There are great resources online that not only please the common core standards, but also meet the social and emotional needs of students.