TXNDT Career

Make A Move Towards Nondestructive Career Path

“Prevention is better than cure” is what the basic idea behind performing testing in any kind of domain. Today, nearly all the industries are investing their time and money on inspection of their objects to save millions of dollars in future. Such inspections are carried out by trusted tools & technique applied by experts of nondestructive testing or NDT. This thriving technology is not only about equipment, but even more about the professionals operating them and interpreting results. To acquire those testing skills and level of professionalism and making a nondestructive career in this technology, TXNDT academy is the best move.

The horizon of NDT is very broad that plays critical role in assuring safe and secure operation in cost-effective and reliable manner. To be well versed in this interdisciplinary field proper NDT training and certification is paramount. NDT techniques are kept on advancing with cutting edge technology and the industry demands the tester who can implement it effectively. The effective implementation is only possible by pursuing proper NDT certification achieved through up-to-date training.

TXNDT academy is carving the professionalism and technical ability in all the diverse form of NDT testing like magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic and liquid penetrating testing and visual inspection. The certified NDT technician from TXNDT academy can expect high earning potential and substantial increase with further qualification and experience. The demand for NDT testers is ever-growing because the testing and inspection industry of this sector has been for last century and exponentially increase in coming years. The NDT academy providing effective knowledge, essential NDT certification, real-time in field exposure and planned career guidance that ensures a shining future as a nondestructive tester. The only input requires is to complete your training hours successfully in one of the best academic environment of our NDT training center.

Drive your interest and become versed in this advancing technology by pinning your dates in TXNDT academic calendar. Go through the catalog and pick up the course outline that you want to add in your NDT stack. It offers all related books and study material along with written and practical tests. The certificate of competency is offered thereafter completing all phases successfully.

Texas nondestructive testing academy also provides Level III services for NDT training and development programs. The service offer include developing and reviewing of client written practices and NDT procedures along with conducting training and third party advocacy work. This ensures that all the Level III resources are compliance with industry standards and code and equipped correctly to perform their job.

Mr. Garrett Ehler is an expert ASNT Level III NDT technician with deep understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of nondestructive testing in industry. He served as vice president of Field Services at RISC where he exposed towards NDT. Currently, as TXNDT’s senior instructor and General Manager, he is committed to provide ideal curriculum facility and faculty to the students while setting up right career path for them.