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January 15th News

This Week's News

We loved all the great mustache pictures! Thank you for sending them in! We are continuing to work on multiplication. We have added the concept of division by looking at fact families here are a few examples;

4x5=20 5x4=20

20÷5=4 20÷4=5

2x3=6 3x2=6

6÷2=3 6÷3=2

Please help your child complete the snowman fact family sheet.

Notes and Reminders

There is no school on Monday, January 18th.

This is your child's homework for 1/15/16-1/22/16

RAH- Rainforest Babies

Math - play multiplication bump with your child sign and return slip. Keep the game board at home so you can play again if you wish.

Math- snowman fact families

Speak UP - Complete this sentence 'I get so mad when"