12th of November in Italy, near Rome

Jewelleries combined with metal chain

In this masterclass we will learn how to design a piece of jewellery combined with metal chain and other elements like textils, stones or pearls.

We will learn how to integrate the metal chain into the felt jewel in different ways, either by felting the metal chain into the piece or by creating a "cave" for it.

We will work with extra fine Australian merino wool. We can bring little pearls, coins for decoration or any fibres, interesting textile pieces, silk and so on.

At the end we will learn how to felt all the pieces together.

felt workshop

Monday, Nov. 12th, 9am-6pm

Strada Cerreto, Gallese, VT 01035, 01034

The masterclass will be placed in beautiful Italian countryside north of Rome in the Country House Giulia di Gallese.