The Cold War

Gavin Fritz

What is the Cold War.

The Cold War was a time period of international affairs. It was an ideological war between the United States and the USSR as they were trying to avoid a third World War. The climax of this war was called the Cuban missile crisis. The caused major nuclear tensions. The United States was attempting to stop the spread of communism. The war started in 1945 and ended in 1991.
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4 events of the Cold War

The Marshal plan: US plan to aid Europe after WWII ended. Idea was to stop the spread of communism by aiding countries and turning the into pro-democratic countries.

The Iron Curtain: boundary the separated the countries in the Warsaw Pact and the countries in NATO.

The Berlin Wall: the Soviet Union placed a blockade around Berlin so the US could not aid the people inside and they would starve.

Bay of Pigs: CIA sponsor d American attack on Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro.

Events with presidents

Sputnik, crisis: US reaction the USSR's space program. President Truman called it a crisis because although it was harmless, it scares people.

Cuban missile crisis: closest the world ever came to a nuclear war.

Formation of NATO: Iesenhower was the leader of NATO and later became president.

Truman Doctrine: provide assistance of military, Economic, and and political to any pro-democratic countries.