The Start of North Carolina

By: Trevor Casey

Who Founded this Colony?

North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonist who are refered by to Lord Proprietors and the Charter of Carolina. And the way they got the colony was that King Charles II recognized the efforts of eight noblemen who helped him regain his throne in England, and there reward was the Province of Carolina.

What financed the colony?

What helped finance the colony was that John White found some gold which help finance some stuff in North Carolina and King Charles also helped finance some of the colony. They also cropped tobacco and rice, but the widely separated plantation prevented some settlements in the colony.

Societal Set Up

Quakers were some of the people that set up this colony for the first few years. The colony established religious freedom although the Church of England was the official religion of North Carolina. This also gave the Quakers a couple years to actually establish the colony as well.

Interesting Facts

  • A group of around 150 colonists from Plymouth, England, who had landed on Roanoke Island in North Carolina on July 1587 vanished without a trace, except for the word “Croatian” scratched on a post that had enclosed the settlement.
  • The first child born in America of English descent was a girl named Virginia Dare. Born on August 18, 1587, Virginia was one of the members of the “Lost Colony,” discovered missing on what would have been her 3rd birthday by her grandfather John White, who had originally led the colonial expedition to Roanoke Island but later returned to England for supplies.
  • There were diseases carried by foreigners that brought about the demise of about 95 percent of the Cherokee Nation during the first 200 year of European presence.