Honolulu Flight Cost

Go to Honolulu for for a little over $1,000 today!! :)

Myth # 1

Buying two one way flights is always a better deal?

Buying two separate flights instead of one round-trip ticket, this certainly isn't always the case. In fact, many passengers end up coming out worse off from not bagging their returns in as timely a fashion as their departures. What's more, average savings by making use of so-called "hacker fares'" tend to be negligible, making them only really worthwhile if you're unsure about your return dates or are embarking on an open-ended trip.

Myth # 2

Last minute means better deals?

Every once in a while you can get a great deal at the last minute. Usually the best bets are advance purchases and checking out sales that tend to appear most often on Wednesdays.

Myth # 3

You can book tickets more than a year in advance?

Reservation systems are really only built to book up to a year in advance. Anything beyond 365 days from now can be requested, but you will wait for it to get confirmed, and for the price.

Myth # 4

Airlines can change a ticket booked by a travel agency?

The travel agency, whether it be online or in person, owns the file and may have ticket rules that airline reservation agents simply have no access to. Or, you may be booked on more than one airline with specific flight routing that got you the airfare you wanted.

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