Reducing Air Pollution

By the System of Cars

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I know what you're thinking right now "cars can't stop air pollution" but actually it can help. A few types of cars that can help are an electric car, a solar car, and even a hybrid car. We just don't have to reduce, reuse, and recycle to stay green. Hope you enjoy!! :)

How they Help the Environment

Electric Cars- Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions causing a decrease of toxic particles and carcinogen compounds being released in the air. If everyone got electric cars there would be no more particulate matter, causing a decrease in asthma conditions. Even though they need power plants to charge the cars the power plant is clean causing no air pollution.

Solar Cars- Solar Cars have zero emissions. If you happen to get a solar car there's no need for finding gas on the road. Also if we all get solar cars we wouldn't have to throw out any batteries which would result in a better water supply and an animal & plant life.

Hybrids- Just like the other cars it has no emissions. Also like the electric car there would be no more particulate matter, which would cause a decrease in asthma conditions. The hybrid also has less fuel.


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Electric Cars- no exhaust, need to worry about gas, and we save about $7,500 because it’s a eco friendly vehicle.

Solar Cars- alternative source of solar power, oil supplies will dwindle.

Hybrids- it has a lighter weight, every time it breaks the battery is a little charged, with an electric motor it allows less fuel to be in the process.


Electric Cars- can’t travel as far as gas powered cars can, could forget to charge overnight, and have to buy a special charger for your car.

Solar Cars- needs a light source, without the sun they use a battery adding more weight to the car causing it to go slower and have bad acceleration.

Hybrids- If you crash it costs more than a gas powered car because it has it own parts in it, and don’t handle as well.

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