911 The Twin Towers By:Elizabeth

Book Author By: Lauren Teryhis

location and time period

This book tells us about 911. A spot and day in history that we will never forget. 911 started in New york city on a lovley September day, Everyone dident supspect anything like this to happen. When the Twin Towers were hit confustion and fear browke loose. Everyone running trying to get to a safe location, freaking out everyone for themselves.

The fist jet to hit one of the towers people thought was an acident or a mistake but then two more hit and people knew now it wasent a mistake it was on purpose.

Many police officers, nurses, docters and firefighters lost there lives trying to save and help others. Other people also died when the Twin Towers fell burying children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and animals in the thick bulding material, smoke and smog.

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Help has come

After everything happened people wanted and needed to get off the island and onto boats but not everyone could get of immediately because there was so many people that others with children would be evacuated first.
Spangled Banner was sung after for all deaths of 911
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