Charlie Gaudet

"If you can dream it, you can do it"


At home my main hobby is reading. I love books. I love escaping into a good plot. I have bookshelves of books in my room. Another interest of mine is theatre or dramatic arts. Since grade nine I have taken drama courses and in the past I have attended drama camps as well as joined Sears Drama Festival. I also have an interest in music and sleep. Outside of school I have a part time job working at the breakfast restaurant Debb's Place on Huronia Road.

More Favourites

  • Food: seafood
  • Season: fall
  • Animal: meerkat
  • Colour: purple
  • Place: my cottage
  • Book(s): Harry Potter Series, Erebos, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Let's Pretend

If money were no obstacle where would I live?

My main property would still be here in Canada, although my house would be lakeside with a "cottagey" feel. Although, I would have many different properties worldwide as I want to experience the different cultures of our planet. For example, I would own a beach house in Dominican Republic, a condominium in Los Angeles, a house in Germany, and a mansion in Sydney, Australia.


Gender: Girl

Nationality: Canadian (On one side my family has been here for more than 15 generations and on the other side I'm a third generation Canadian from Germany)

Pets: 2 cats named Spirit and Jupiter

Family: Lives with mom, Christine, step-dad, Mike, and two sisters, Morgan and Shelby