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I'm "Tote"-ally in LOVE!

It's HERE! The amazing summer collection and I really believe its going to change our business! I'm in love with the bags, the prices, and the addtional choices we are giving to our customers!

Weekly Focus

THIS is THE week to make a commitment to YOURSELF!!!! Who else would be better to invest in other than YOU! You will not want to miss this training!

1. Attend BUILD IT BIG in Atlanta!

The fabulous Danielle Redner, our national Director of Training is coming to Atlanta for Build it Big. There were only 5 cities picked for this training day and we are one of them! This is not to be missed! For most of us, its a driveable distance to connect with one of the most inspiring and practical (plus funny!) people I know! This is the seminar that helped me originally promote over 3 years ago to star! This is for everyone; new stylist to leader. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

Register here!

2. Soar Challenge!

Add 2 more shows to your existing trunk show calendar to earn the Soar Necklace from me! This challenge began last Tuesday. You simply need to add 2 more shows and hold them by April 30th. Comment on the Facebook thread when you have booked these shows. With our debut of the Summer Collection happening today, this should be easy! Would you like to have two extra Trunk Shows on your calendar? If you answered YES then plan on participating in one (or both) of our National Booking Blitzes this week! Stylists who participate in Booking Blitzes book an average of two Trunk Shows during the Blitz. Your Field Development Leader will kick off the Blitz by sharing how you can use the April promotions and Words To Say to fill your calendar with bookings this month and next. Then you will take those tips and make booking calls for the next hour, and while you're calling you'll receive tons of support from the Home Office and your peers on your Regional FB page. To make your time even more productive, plan on warming up your contacts with a personal note and Mini Look Book before the Blitz.
Click here to join a National Booking Blitz!

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