Henry Ford

The assembly line

How the assemly line Works

The assembly line is a manufacturing method that divides the jobs to different people that takes less time and makes the product cheaper to the public. The workers repeat one step doing what ever needs to be done. It is for the division of labor because it breaks up the hard steps into small individual steps. It also helps that the two same products actually look the same. They use interchangeable parts so the normal public can repair their vehicles or whatever it is. The conveyor belt helped move the product to places faster. The assembly line helped unskilled workers preform jobs. But know there is robots that can do the same thing for cheap.

What It's About

The assembly line started to take place on December 1, 1913. It was created by Ford and his executive wanted to make a way to make it cheaper for everyday customers to afford. henry ford's company was the leading person in the car industry in the early 1900's once he established his motor company the savings he made showed in the price of his vehicles all the way up to 1927 more than half of all the cars in the united states of America were Ford's.