Scientific Method

Putting it to use!


One morning you and your sister decided to have oatmeal for breakfast. You saw that your sister added too much water and told her she had too much. This lead to the both of you arguing about how to make the best oatmeal.

Luckily your remember that you had learned about the scientific method at school and decided to conduct an experiment!

Step One: Identify a Problem and Make Observations!

The problem is how to make the best oatmeal. You observed that when your sister makes her oatmeal it's runny and when you make your oatmeal it's mushy. How much water do you need to make the best oatmeal?

Step Two: Form a Hypothesis!

If you add water, then you can change the consistency of you oatmeal so you can make the best oatmeal.

Step Three: Design an Experiment


  • Oats
  • Different measuring cups
  • Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Microwave
Control: 1 cup of oat and microwave oats for 2 minutes

Independent variable: Water added

Dependent variable: The mushiness of the oatmeal

Step Four: Test your Hypothesis!


  1. Place 1 cup of oats in each bowl
  2. Using the different measuring cups, add different amount of water into the oats
  3. Using a spoon mix the oats
  4. When you are done mixing the oats let it cook in the microwave for 2 minutes
  5. once the oat is done microwaving, mix again to test the mushiness

Amount of oats-- Amount of water-- Amount of Time in Microwave --Mushiness

------1 cup -----------------1/4 cup--------------------- 2 minutes------------------dry

------1 cup -----------------1/3 cup ---------------------2 minutes------------------mushy but dry

------1 cup -----------------1/2 cup ---------------------2 minutes------------------not mushy enough

------1 cup -----------------2/3 cup ---------------------2 minutes------------------mushy

------1 cup -----------------3/4 cup ---------------------2 minutes------------------a little bit too mushy

------1 cup -----------------1/3 cup ---------------------2 minutes------------------runny

Step Five: Drawing Conclusions!

Your data supports your hypothesis that water had an effect on the mushiness of your oatmeal which is an important factor of making the best oatmeal! When your parents came into the kitchen they found oat meal everywhere. your mom liked dried oat meal so she took the one with 1/4 water and your dad takes the 3/4 cups of water. They also help you come to a conclusion that the best oatmeal varies within each person's preference.

By Vanessa Vang