Technology Innovation Design Team

January 14, 2016

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Innovation Team Purpose

Innovation Design Teams are catalysts for change. Teams are comprised of various stakeholders to assess district systems and processes and collaborate to design new solutions that impact the district, campus, and classroom level. Innovation Design Teams are intended to create an effective, agile and responsive organization to enhance the AISD urban school experience. Innovation Design Teams all have different goals and outcomes as well as different time frames. Therefore some teams’ work may be short term, long term, or ongoing. As needs arise new teams will be formed.

Innovation Design Teams meet at minimum once a month. However upon initiation, teams may meet more often to expedite the work. Each team is comprised of a lead, multiple district team representatives, campus leadership, and community stakeholders.

TECHNOLOGY innovation Design Team Purpose

  • evaluate the systems and processes for supporting the technology deployment of student devices

  • create the professional learning plan to support flexible and personalized learning
  • support the implementation of a transformative technology measurement system aligned to the Strategic Plan
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Last Time. . .

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The Rubric and Sorting Tool

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The Rubric and Sorting Tool. . .

  • will be shared with principals at their meeting next week
  • will guide the process of identifying groups' engagement sequence
  • will be a resource to help principals prepare for U.E. 2.0 on February 3rd.
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The "CIC" off is January 23rd!

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  • What happens now?
  • Our group will be dormant until further notice
  • Potential connections with other Innovation Design Teams, particularly Literacy and Bilingual

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