Nadi Fiji

Emily Perry's dream vacation

Nadi Fiji Facts

Fiji is my dream vacation because all the beautiful clear waters and sea creatures to look at. Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 1,700 miles east of Australia, 1,300 miles south of Hawaii. I want to visit Fiji because all of the water to swim in and beautiful sights to see. the things that make Fiji so great is that it has beaches, mountains and tropical forests. Some interesting facts are that Fiji has tropical weather, snorkeling, diving, the friendliest people you will ever meet.


It will take about 17h and 30m to get to get to Nadi, Fiji. Nadi, Fiji is approximatelytly 6,624 miles away from Willis,Texas. I will take my mom with me to Nadi, Fiji. I will get there by plane. I will stay at Nadi, Fiji for about 1 week then fly home.


I will be staying in Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denaarau Island. Some information about this resort is that it has free wifi (91% thought it was great), great pools (96% loved the facilities for the kids), friendley staff, nice bilding, great room, gerat location. I will need to pack a swim suite, extra clothes to wear.


It will cost about $2,274 to get to Nadi, Fiji. My hotel will cost $228 a night. I will bring about $867 for games and activities. I will bring aboout $567 for food and gas. And 3,780 for travel and airfare.


iI will go to Big Bula the water park. I can visit the Garden of the sleeping Giant. I can go diving and see all the sea animals.