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Week of November 15, 2021

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Learning about our Saints

Each month we will learn about a Saint, one each month, and learn about how they were "Called to More" We will also learn how they answered this call. Learning about how the Saints lived their lives will help us understand how we too can answer the "Call to More."

We can pray to saints to help us.

They are so close to God that he has given them the ability to help us directly.

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We Remember

A special thank you to 4K for leading our school community through a beautiful virtual Remembrance Day celebration to honour, thank and pray for all those who believe in and fought for peace. We honoured and remembered all those who sacrificed so much for the freedom and peace of others.

"They gave their tomorrows so we could have today."

What is Adoration?

OLA staff and students will enjoy the opportunity to participate in Adoration...but is what is that?? Please watch the following video - it's only 5 minutes, and it gives you a great picture of what we do during Adoration and why we do it.

Lucky Ducks

On your child's "God Made You" day, children come to the office to celebrate their birthdays with the office team by playing Lucky Ducks!

Number Fun!

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to welcome you back after what we hope was a great break from school. Here are a few friendly reminders to start back. :-)

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Thank you for your help!

Your child's wellness continues to be our first priority while learning and growing in a loving Christ centered, joy-filled school community. Thank you for your help and support to achieve this goal.

  • Your child's attendance at school is affirmation that you have completed the daily checklist and your child is symptom free.
  • Should your child be away, thank you for using the several methods linked here to let us know.
  • Please go to your PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete your child's annual consent forms so they are fully able to participate in field trips, access technology and share their learning.
  • Thank you for ensuring your child comes to school with a mask. Your child's teacher will work with the children as to when they are able to take mask breaks throughout the day.
  • Thank you for sending a few extra masks with your child in their backpacks. We have a limited supply to provide children when they misplace or forget theirs. The second time they require a mask, you will receive an email that your child was provided a mask for the second time. The third or more times your child is provided a mask, you will receive an email of a $5 charge for each mask provided.
  • Thank you for reminding children that hand sanitizing and hand washing helps to slow the spread of germs, and so does coughing into our "sneeze corners."

This Week @ OLA

Power Options Selection Week

Monday, November 15

  • Welcome Back!! Looking forward to answering the Call to More!

Tuesday, November 16

  • An awesome day to answer the "Call to More"

Wednesday, November 17

  • Virtual Announcements
  • Priest Visit
  • Picture Day M/W Kindergarten and retakes for Grade 1 - 4

Thursday, November 18

  • 7:00pm OLA School Council Meeting (virtual) - All parents are invited!
Friday, November 19
  • Today and every day, we answer the "Call to More!"

Sunday, November 21 - Celebrating Catholic Education

Join us to Celebrate Catholic Education as OLA and SJXXIII Catholic Elementary Schools co-host 9:00am mass on November 21. To join us for mass at OLA Church, please sign up here.

1M Science Centers: Building and Stacking

Are Yours Completed?

Have you logged onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete all of the required annual consent forms?

Did you know that if your child's Annual Low-Risk Field Trip form is not completed, they are unable to go on an off-site field trip with their class?

Did you know that if you're child's annual Technology Use Agreement form or One-to-One Use Agreement are not completed, they may be unable to access OLA's technology or wifi?

Do you love seeing evidence of your child learning and growing at OLA? Make sure you complete the annual FOIPP forms.

Thank you for taking a moment to log onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete the forms. If you have any questions, Mrs. Susan Desaulniers is our PowerSchool Guru and is delighted to help. Please contact her at 780-998-3716.

For more information about these annual forms, please click here, and look under Additional Registration Resources.

Forks & Spoons

It's a great practice, and healthy for the environment, when parents are able to pack re-usable forks and spoons in their child's lunches. We understand that there are days they may be forgotten. Worry not!

We are happy to connect with children when they come to ask for a spoon or fork. As our supplies are quickly dwindling - we are reaching out to our amazing families. If you would like to donate compostable or plastic spoons and/or forks, they will be well used, and much appreciated. :-)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Learning to Pray with a Prayer Labyrinth

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Guests @ OLA

The engagement of parents in their child's education is an integral element to their learning success. We welcome this partnership in a fashion that ensures the continued health and safety of our OLA community.

Through pre-arranged in-person volunteering, the following will be expected:

  • Complete the Daily Screening Checklist
  • Volunteers are recommended to be fully vaccinated. Beginning December 20, 2021 all guests and volunteers will require proof of vaccination as per Administrative Procedure 489
  • Sign-in at the office and acknowledge completion of the Daily Screening Checklist.
  • Wear a volunteer badge at all times. This indicates to staff and students that you have completed the checklist, signed-in at the office, and are at the school for a specific pre-arranged purpose.
  • Maintain social distancing at much as possible with staff and students.
  • Be present for the scheduled duration of your volunteering time, remaining in the areas of the school that are relative to your volunteering duties.
  • Follow all masking, hand hygiene and hand hygiene protocols

Dropping off or picking up children, lunches or items will continue in the same fashion (we will meet you at the front doors), and our exterior doors will remain secured. Thank you for using our fancy-dancy audio-visual intercom system located on the front doors to reach us in the office upon your arrival.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mme Gravelle at 780-998-3716.

School Fees

School Fees are now active in PowerSchool. School Fees were added Monday October 18th and Field Trip fees were added Friday October 22nd. Please log into your PowerSchool account to pay your school fees by November 30th, 2021.

Please note that fees maybe added throughout the year as field trips are able to occur. We will be sending home emails if/when new fees are added to your account.

If you require financial assistance in paying fees please fill out the form that is available at on our EICS website-click here to access form: Fee waiver form.

Application deadline is December 13, 2021

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Desaulniers 780-998-3716 or email

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See you on Thursday, November 18 @ 7:00pm!

To connect to your OLA School Council, please email

Come connect with fellow parents.

Get to know the school and community's ins and outs.

Share your perspective.

You're invited to attend your OLA School Council Meeting

on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00pm.

The Google Meet link will be emailed to you that morning.

All parents are invited to attend the School Council meetings and as an OLA parent, you are already a member of the committee! Looking forward to seeing you there!


The Fort Saskatchewan Catholic Schools Playground Society (FSCSPS) is currently raising money to build a playground that is suitable for all OLA students to enjoy!


Grade 4 Bibles

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Looking Ahead...

Looking Further Ahead...

November 21

  • Celebrating Catholic Education - Rebuild, Restore, Renew - Together
  • Join us as OLA and SJXXIII host 9:00am mass - Sign up here one week prior
November 22
  • Power Options begin

November 24

  • Grade 3 Teachers Pet
  • Staff Morning Mass in Chapel

November 24 & 25

  • Adoration
November 26
  • Grade 4 Trinity Student Leadership Retreat @ OLA Parish

November 28

  • First Sunday in Advent
November 29-December 3
  • Loving our Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Sock Toss....Bring in pairs of socks to donate to those in need. All sizes are welcome this week!

December 1

  • Early Dismissal - 2:19 pm

December 2

  • Grade 4 Teachers Pet

December 5

  • Second Sunday in Advent

December 6

  • St. Nicolas Feast Day
  • K&1 Assembly

December 8

  • Grade 2&3 Assembly

December 12

  • Third Sunday in Advent

December 13

  • Grade 4 Assembly

December 19

  • Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 22 - January 4

  • Christmas Break - School Closed


Thank you for your support!

A very special thank you to all of our families who supported OLA's Book Fair this year, and to the many fantastic parents who shared their time and joy during the day as children enjoyed the book fair with Mrs. Buban!

Congratulations to our contest winners!

Thank you for your votes!

A special thank you to all of our OLA villagers who supported 1&2E in their Hey Clay Classroom Contest through Co-op! Your votes helped them win a Pizza Party for their amazing creations!
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Country and Western Theme

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Grace - It's Launched!

GrACE website has officially launched! In cooperation with CCSSA, they now have their own site to share news, resources and upcoming events. The address for the website is Please promote, use and celebrate this new communication tool!
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EICS Partners with Lurana House

Providing a continuum of care to women and children seeking refuge from abusive situations.