Kraft Class Update


Erin's Law: Mrs. Ross will be coming in Thursday next week to talk to us about Erin’s Law. She will also come in the following Thursday. Please see Friday Folders for more details about Erin’s Law.

Subtraction in Action

This week we took a trip to the library to spread out and explore some subtraction in action! Mrs. Sayre set up 4 different stations for us to create subtraction problems and solve them using various objects. We had lots of fun!

Reading: Super Kids

The memory words are said, only, you, out, of, and here. Please practice spelling these words correctly, as well as reading these words with ease at home. The sound spelling pattern is the long vowel sound at the end of words like “hi”, “go” and “we”. With these words, the vowel is at the end, so the vowel sound is long/says its name.

*A packet of activities that connect to this week’s skills was sent home. This is not homework, but it makes for great practice work. Enjoy!

While reading with your children every night, please discuss/point out memory words, spelling patterns, and ask them questions about the book they read.

Writing: Author Share

Before closing up writing every day, we try to make time for writers to share their hard work with the class. The students are so proud of their teaching books and love sharing them with the class using the projector!


This week we read about some animals that prepare for the cold winter months in our Scholastic News magazine. These animals like to hoard food for the winter. They sleep through the winter and will wake up occasionally to eat. We focused on squirrels and wrote about what we learned. Ask your child more details about animals that hibernate!

Top Dog!

Our Top Dog for the week was Chloe. Chloe likes to travel to Kentucky to visit her grandpa and ride on the tractor. She loves reading books about animals. She LOVES any song by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Thanks for sharing, Chloe!
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Weekly Reminders

Please send box tops to school. Thank you for your support!

A new reading log went home today (inside Friday Folder). If your child forgot to turn their log in, please send it to school on Monday.

Scholastic Books orders can be placed online. These orders are due December 18. To order online, click here. The classroom code is PCVG8.

Check out the selection of animated books at TumbleBooks, provided by the Woodridge Public Library. (*A library card is needed to access this awesome website.)

Practice Math Facts at home by logging into XtraMath. (They need to know their 4 digit pin. Email if they don’t, and I will send home.)

Practice math skills using IXL. (This login is the same as Scootpad, which is taped inside their binder.)

Reward your child for working hard on their math facts and skills by playing math games at SumDog. (Their login is taped inside their binder.)

Encourage your child to practice their language skills at home. Visit Scootpad (their login is taped inside their binder)

Practice weekly sound patters and memory words on the Super Kids interactive website.

Use typing club to practice typing at home.

Need a new login sheet for any of the websites listed above? Email me and I will send home a new form!

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