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Remote Learning -Update March 22, 2020

Colts Chronicle provides information to parents, students, staff, and community.

Principal Notes

Cimarron Families,

As you already know, in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Douglas County School District will be closed from Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 17th.

Following spring break, all students in Douglas County will be using remote learning. Every school day students will be logging onto team websites and students' electives teacher’s website to review daily assignments. Team and elective websites are available on our Cimarron Website. Students will be responsible for completing assignments posted. Teachers will be available by email to support students.

Students first assignments will be posted on their team and elective websites on Tuesday, March 24th at 7:30am. Monday, March 23rd is a teacher workday to prepare for our transition to remote learning. Please see district communication below regarding this change:

Monday, March 23, will be a teacher planning day and there will be no student assignments on that day. Following that, teachers will be in touch with students remotely, each day, with assignments. We understand that having students at home can create additional stress, especially for working parents (whether you are working at home or in an office setting). Please know that our intent is to ensure that our students continue with learning during this closure. Remote learning is not meant to create additional hardships for our families. Students will be able to complete their assignments each day at a time that is convenient for your family. There is not an expectation that students will be online for a full school day.

Teachers may be utilizing a variety of online resources to support learning during this time. If your family is experiencing any difficulties accessing materials are linked websites, please contact your classroom teachers via email.

We know that this transition to remote learning has been fast, and some students may experience difficulties. We hope that we can all work together to provide an enriching learning experience and support for our kids. Please reach out with any questions.

Chris Zimmerman

Cimarron Counseling Resources during Remote Learning

Cimarron Community,

In addition to the online learning opportunities which are available to you during this time though each teacher, you still have access to our Counselors, Social Worker, and Psychologist during school hours on normally scheduled school days.

Emily Benson : Counselor for Prevention Office- 720-433-1318 Email- ebenson@dcsdk12.org

Jill Bull : 6th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1357 Email- jkbull@dcsdk12.org

Scarlett Doise : School Social Worker (Special Education) Office- 720-433-1314 Email - sdoise@dcsdk12.org

Stephanie Farrell: School Psychologist (Special Education) - Office- 720-433-1387 Email - scfarrell@dcsdk12.org

Valerie Fincher : 7th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1339 Email- vcfincher@dcsdk12.org

Holly Laut : 8th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1372 Email- hmlaut@dcsdk12.org

Catherine Scholz : Restorative Counselor Office- 720-433-1309 Email- cmscholz@dcsdk12.org

Rose Walsh White : Group Counselor Office- 720-433-1404 Email- rwalsh@dcsdk12.org

You can use this link to Request to see a counselor.

Some additional resources for you can be found on our Counseling Resource Page. Here is an Online assignment planner if you would like to make a copy to use during the remote learning window.

Safe2Tell Colorado

Safe2Tell Colorado provides students and adults in Colorado schools and communities an increased ability to both prevent and report violence, by making safe, ANONYMOUS reports. The 24-hour bystander tipline, staffed by professionals from the Colorado State Patrol, is available to students, parents, and communities to report any kind of concerns to their safety or the safety of others. The Safe2Tell Colorado tipline is completely anonymous and does not have caller ID. The focus of Safe2Tell is early intervention and prevention.