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September 12, 2021

Principal's News

Hello Mesa Families!

This weekend has been filled with reminders of the 20th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. While many of us reflect on our memories of this impactful day, these memories also serve as a reminder of how thankful we are to be a part of the military community in Fountain and on Ft. Carson. Thank you to all of you who have served and who continue to serve so we may enjoy our freedoms.

This week, students will continue to practice our Mesa PRIDE (persevere, show respect, be independent, be dedicated to keeping Mesa safe, and empathize with others) expectations across all settings of the school building, playground, and entry/exit areas. Our emphasis for the month of September is the characteristic of respect. Please feel free to share the ways you and your family are practicing respect with your student's teacher. We love to hear from you and to see our Mesa students practicing these skills outside of school. Throughout the week, we give 'shout outs' to students who exemplify these characteristics in their actions across the building and with one another.

Our teachers are continuing to work on helping students build meaningful relationships, as well as their self-awareness and self-management. Over 100 Mesa students were away from a classroom setting for more than a year. Building a strong foundation for students' social-emotional success will allow us to then build their academics and address any learning gaps. If you are looking for ideas or information on how to help students with their social needs, the following blog is a site for parents actively supporting kids' social emotional development: Additionally, Mesa staff are working together to create instructional plans to provide additional, intensive support for students needing additional practice in reading and math. Please watch for more information (coming home soon) on opportunities for students to access additional instruction via tutoring after school.

Mesa staff utilize the REMIND app as the main tool of communication with families. You are welcome to reach out to teachers via REMIND or email at any time. Please watch for weekly newsletters and updates from each grade level team throughout the school year.

We look forward to welcoming families in with opportunities to volunteer and have lunch with students starting in January, 2022 - once our construction is complete. Please access the Mesa Parent Handbook 21.22 attached below for more information on D8 and Mesa practices.

Thank you again for being an amazing support system! Please be sure to contact us with any needs or questions. We look forward to all that is to come this school year and the opportunity to work with each of you to help our students to Dream BIG, Work Hard and Make it Happen!!

Megan Oleson

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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information 2021-2022

Please reference the photo below for guidance on our drop-off/pick-up procedures this year.

Car Riders (drop-off/pick-up)

As we are under construction on the north side of the building, all car drop-off/pick-up will take place in our west lot. We ask that parents avoid a left turn into the lot in order to keep traffic moving as quickly as possible. In the AM, parents should pull as far north as possible in the lot. Mesa staff members will be there to open doors and welcome students. Students will then enter the building and go directly to class where breakfast will be served each day. In the PM, students will be with their grade level (as indicated in the photo). Parents should still pull as far north as possible. A staff member will check in with you as you pull through the line and will call for your student(s) to come to your vehicle.


Any students who are walking home with a parent will meet on the east playground. Students will be separated by grade level (indicated by color-coded cones). Parents may approach teachers to pick-up their student(s). Students are also able to walk home without being picked up by a parent. Students walking alone and needing to head west out of the building will be allowed to leave in this direction with the grade-level staff member walking kids out in that direction. Students heading east at the end of the day will be able to access the paved walkway out to Camino Del Rey to then head east towards Fountain Mesa. Both paths avoid walking near/around the fenced construction area at the north side of the building. Please let your son/daughter's teacher know your plan for after school pick-up.

Front Office Access:

Through January, 2022, our main office will be located just off of the east playground. Signage will be posted to guide families to the office access. 10-minute parking will also be available for families to access on Camino Del Rey. Parents should follow the paved walkway just east of the gym and follow the signs to the office door.

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This Week at Mesa:

Sept. 13-17th: Illuminate testing for students in grades 2-5

Sept. 13-24th: Beginning of the year DIBELS (dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills) for kinder students

Sept. 15th: 6-8 pm District 8 Board Mtg. (Zoom Link)

Save the Date:

  • please watch for upcoming dates with opportunities for you to come in to see the building and hear about grade-level instruction, expectations, building-wide practices, and opportunities for you to attend family events throughout the year.
  • Oct 1: 'Explore Day' activities for students K-5 - more information to come

Lunch Schedule

For the 21-22 school year, breakfast and lunch are free for all students. The lunch schedule for each grade level is included below. Classrooms also have scheduled snack times throughout the day.
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Lunch Menu

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School Safety with Officer Geri

Parents ,

Thank you for supporting us and knowing the safety of Mesa Elementary students is the top priority of Staff. The suggestion of right turns from Fountain Mesa on to Ancestra, then Monterey and into the drop off/ pick up line, is a statistically proven method of less accidents. Choosing to turn left off Monterey into the parking lot is causing difficult and unsafe situations.

Please stop and wait for crossing guards to completely clear the crosswalk prior to proceeding through the crosswalk. Even when you are walking without kids, please model for our students by properly using cross walks.

Thank you,

Officer Geri

In order to help maintain safe drop-off and pick-up at Mesa, please remember the following tips:

  • Please be mindful of the school zone speed limit of 20mph and parking lot speed of less than 10mph.
  • Please do not make a u-turn near the cross walk.
  • Please pull as far forward in the drop-off lane as possible without blocking the crosswalk.
  • It is so important for us to model for our kids with a positive and kind spirit, allowing each other to move in jams as if we were at a concert or sporting event. Please use the courtesy of every other car merging to enter and exit.
  • Keep intersections clear: do not block; move forward only if we can clear the intersection at every street and entry.
  • Camino Del Rey (north side of Mesa) is used as a bus drop-off/pick-up zone. Please do not park in this area (indicated by signs) to drop-off or pick-up car riders.

Ask Nurse Janice

MEDICATION: All medication must be brought into the building and picked up from the building by an adult- students are not allowed to bring medication into the building. All medication must be approved by a prescribing physician with the appropriate forms signed. These forms can be found on the district website or by contacting your school nurse.

FACE MASKS: At this time, masks are not required but certainly allowed. At any time you can choose to send your child to school wearing a mask.

FEVER: Fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4 or higher. Students who have a fever should stay home and rest until they have gone 48 hours fever free without the aid of medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. If your child has a fever that lasts longer than 48 hours, please reach out to your school nurse to help problem solve what your next steps might be.

COVID Testing: District 8 is offering free rapid COVID testing as well as free PCR testing to all students and their families. Please contact your school nurse to make arrangements for this testing. * If anyone in your home has symptoms and is being tested for COVID, please keep all D8 students home from school until the results from the person being tested are received. Please notify your school nurse if you are keeping a student home while waiting for a household member to get results for COVID testing.

Keep up the good work! Our goal is to keep our Mesa community healthy and safe… and in person learning!

Here is some helpful information explaining the flu vs COVID to help keep you informed and empowered!
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Construction Updates!

Two of our three phases are complete! We have about six months left of this project as they complete phase three. This final phase consists of: the main entrance, teachers' lounge, main office, art room, gym, music room, and breezeway (which includes a new set of bathrooms for students to access while in PE or music). We are so excited to have everything completed and to be able to welcome our Mesa community of families back inside!
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Mesa Motto

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Additional Information for Mesa Families

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