Physical Therapy / UM

By: Sebastian Murguia

What is a Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist is someone who their job is helping people to manage their pain and recover from sickness, injuries and surgeries. Physical therapists are highly educated, licensed health care professionals who help patients reduce the pain and improve and help them get back their mobility.

What is the average salary

The median annual wage for physical therapists was $85,030. The best-paid made $113,340, while the lowest paid salary made $56,280. The highest wages go to physical therapists working in schools, home health care or nursing care facilities.

Where do they work?

Although many physical therapists work in hospitals more than 80 percent practice in:

  • Fitness centers or sports training facilities
  • Schools
  • Outpacient clinics or offices
  • Homes
  • Education or other research centers
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What college do I want to go to?

The collage I am planning to go to is the University of Miami. I would like to attend to this college because this college is near where al my family is and where my hometown is. This would help me get closer to my family and friends. This also is a very competitive college in Academics and Athletics.

About the University of Miami

  • This university was founded in 1925
  • Founder: George E. Merrick.
  • This is a private school
  • Size: 239 Acres
  • Location: Coral Gables, FL
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 11,273
  • Setting: Suburban
  • Rank in the us: out of 2,618 university's in the U.S this university is ranked 51 in the country

Ten facts about the university of miami

1. The team mascot is a pelican/ his name is Sebastian!!

2. PROGRAMS: 115 bachelors, 104 masters, 63 doctoral (59 research/scholarship and 4 professional practice).

3. In 2004, UM joined the Atlantic Coast Conference.

4. For every teacher there are 12 students.

5. 49% of the students are male and 51% are female.

6. The acceptance rate is 38%

7. You would spend $45,653 on tuition and fees not counting room and board.

8. 91% of the students return after their first year.

9. 81% of the students complete their education and graduate with a degree.

10. One of the most diverse campuses.

pie chart information

  1. Savings account, $716-11.11%
  2. Housing, $1,791.5- 27.78%
  3. Transportation, $358.3- 5.56%
  4. Meals/Food, $1,074-16.67%
  5. Appliances/Utilities, $1,433.2-22.22%
  6. Clothes, $358.3- 5.56%
  7. Personal expenses, $358.3-5.56%
  8. Entertainment, $214-3.33%
  9. Extras, $143.32- 2.22