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What have we been up to?

In our class, we love STEM! Last week, we had to help the Three Little Piggies Piggy Bank Company come up with a new design for a piggy bank! We had a great time brainstorming, designing, and building! Blue Team is in the picture to the right! Here is some of the action :)

Homework Help: 2/24/14-2/28/14

Phonics: The week we come back to school we will be focusing on the letter "Y" as a vowel :) The letter "Y" is a vowel when it is not at the beginning of a word.

The letter Y can make 3 different sounds (weird, I know..). Where the "Y" is located determines the sound that it makes. If the "Y" is at the end of a word it can make 2 sounds, /i/ (butterfly) and /e/ (monkey). If the "Y" is in the middle of a word, it makes the short /i/ sound (gym).

Focus on students knowing all the different sounds a "Y" can make, including the consonant "yuh" sound.

At Home Activity: Write words with different "Y" sounds on index cards. Have students practice reading the word and "FLIPPING THE SOUND"*.

Flipping The Sound: Student tries to read a word and decides whether the word sounds right the way he or she has read it. If it does not, student can try all the different sounds that the vowel can make.

Math: We will be focusing on Comparing Numbers in Story Problems. For example,

"Ninja Bunny has 7 magical eggs. Ninja Kitty has 5 magical eggs. How many more magical eggs does Bunny have than Kitty?"

  • Have child read the problem at least 3 times.
  • Circle numbers and key words. Have students underline the question.
  • Help student visualize problem by using objects (marbles, coins, etc.) or food (I like to use pretzel gold fish).
  • The following model is what we are using in class :)

HOPE THIS HELPS! If you have any questions feel free to contact me :)

Kids in Action


Valentine's Party: Friday, February 14th at 1:00PM! Please send in Valentine's cards, healthy snacks, or goodie bags for our sweet kiddos!

Coins for Cupcakes: Send in $5 for students to be able to go to a Cupcake Party. Proceeds go to Meals on Wheels :)

Jump Rope for Heart: Keep up the great work raising money for this great organization!