Become President

The requirements to be the next president

Constitutional Requirements to be President

1. You must be a natural born citizen of the United States

2. You must be 35 years old

3. You must be a resident of the United States for 14 years

Salary and Benefits

Your salary will be 400,000 dollars a year

The perks include a 50,000 dollar annual expense account, a 100,000 dollar non-taxable travel account, and 19,000 dollars for entertainment.

As president you will have an unlimited amount of staff at your hands, and living in the white house you will have bowling alleys, tennis courts, putting greens, basketball courts and a 24 hour cooking staff.

White House Benefits

10 Constitutional Powers of the President

1. Commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States

2. Grant reprieves and Pardons for offenses against the United States

3. Make treaties with other countries with senate approval

4. Can appoint Administrators, Ministers and Judges

5. Have the power to fill vacancies in the office

6. Ask for the written opinion of his cabinet

7. Convene or adjourn Congress

8. Make sure laws are faithfully executed

9. Commission all officers of The United States

10. Give congress information of the state of the union

Executive Powers

- The power to sign or veto legislation

- Command the armed forces

- Ask for the written opinion of his Cabinet

- Convene or adjourn Congress

- Grant reprieves and pardons

Diplomatic Powers

Make treaties with other countries

Receive Ambassadors

Judicial Powers

Appointing important public officials

Presidential nomination of federal judges, including members of the Supreme Court

Executive Powers are the most important powers because it has the widest variety of tasks that need to be completed and those are also the things that affect the country the most.

5 Leadership and Skills Needed to be President

1. Consensus Building is important because it requires you to view more than one opinion and try to come to a conclusion that will please the most people. This skill is key when the president is trying to please millions of citizens in the country.

2. Decision Making is also important when being a president because there are lots of hard decisions that must be made quickly and accurately and someone who is in office cannot be wishy-washy and indecisive when dealing with large issues.

3. Conflict Resolution is key when you are dealing with fighting countries, country officials and people in office because if everyone is mad at each other or fighting nothing will get done.

4. Being able to communicate what is going on in office and make it easy to understand to the public because if citizens do not understand what is going on they might make the wrong decision when voting.

5. Being able to gain trust in the government is important because if the citizens don't trust the government the system itself will fall completely apart.

Six roles of president

1. Chief executive acts as the symbolic leader of the country.

2.chief administrator execute laws, appoints key officials, grants pardons and reprieves

3. Commander in chief runs armed forces

4. Foreign policy leader negotiates with foreign leaders

5. Chief agenda setter makes the schedule of what will be going on for the day

6. Chief of state symbolic leader of the country

How to deal with ISIS

As president the way I would deal with ISIS is by getting undercover agents to infiltrate the ISIS army and destroy them from the inside out. In order to keep whoever was undercover safe I would have the armed forces on call at anytime the situation got too dangerous.

Fixing the economy

In order to fix the economy I would:

- not raise the minimum wage because that will just lead to a wage increase spiral making prices inflate and the dollar worth less

-I would provide state funded jobs to fix things like roads and build new buildings, providing jobs and encouraging people to spend more money

- to encourage businesses to expand and make more jobs, I would give tax cuts to businesses that had the highest percentages of new jobs in thier company.

How to apply rolls and the constitution to fix the problem

I would ask formthenwritten opinion of my cabinet what was the best way to go about fixing the economy.

I would veto any bills that stand in the way of me trying to make the changes to encourage people to make more jobs.

I would use my decision making skills to find out what is the best way to solve Americas problems.

The public would be able to trust me because I would be very honest and always come out on top.