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James Princeton believes that all Americans should be provided a better and more affordable life. He believes in the death penalty under capitol felonies, wishes to decrease health care spendings, decrease taxes, and save money for the environment.

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More about James Elliot Princeton

FFE has just recently nominated James Princeton for our new political party president. He is forty-two years old. James graduated from Harvard University at the age of twenty-three and has served as a lawyer for several years before being nominated to our political party. He is very involved in social issues, mostly criminal law, but has many other ideas about economic issues we are all facing, such as the environment, health care, and taxation. Our party believes we nominated the right person for our political party. James Princeton is very open for ideas and is an outstanding leader. He believes that Americans should be provided a better and more affordable life. We feel that with him as our president, we will not be disappointed.