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Come to the Northern Lights Hos[ital! We can take care of everything, and get your child better than ever in weeks! At the Northern Lights Hospital we are directly in the center of Oslo, Norway! But don't worry about the noise, we have completely sound proof walls so you and your child wont hear a single sound. Sine we are located in the center of everything we have easy access to all the restaurants and shopping areas in at least a 5 mile radius you could hope for. Because of our partnership with the city, when you go out to buy clothes or to eat, we will give you a card showing you are with us and it will be completely free, though this is for long term patients (at least 2 months. Your stay and room is completely free, but the treatments sadly aren't. But we are in the process of getting more donations so very soon our hospital could be completely free! If you want to know more about our staff, costs, and rooms go ahead and keep reading below!

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Our offices are open 24/7, so if you want to ask anymore questions go ahead and call our number! or email us if you don't have the time.