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It's the Final Countdown...

Reading: Students will continue to read two to three chapters a day of There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom. Ms. Crowder hopes to conclude the novel study prior to the last week of school. If the projected pace continues, they should be successful! There will be a quiz over chapters 8-19 on Tuesday, May 10th. The culminating project over the novel will take place the week of May 16th (more than likely the 18th, 19th, and 20th). These projects will be done in a group setting, within the classroom.

ELA: Students will take an Abbreviations Assessment on Monday, May 16th. This material will be reviewed again in class- but students have been practicing this material for several weeks. Additionally, students will complete their YAP Books so that they will be ready to present on May 13th. Invitations to our YAP Book Presentation will be sent home in this week's Thursday Folders so be on the look out for that information! The last ELA Assessment of the year will be a test over their ability to revise and edit passages- this will take place on Wednesday, May 18th.

Math: AM Math: We are completing our unit on Measurement- and will be ready to take the assessment after next week. We are hoping to take the assessment on Tuesday, May 17th. For your home preparation, the study guide is attached to this email. Please keep in mind that this will be the last math assessment of the year for AM Block Math.

PM Math: Students will complete their Unit 2 Operations with Decimals test tomorrow (testing was interrupted due to scheduling issues this week). After that test, we will begin working on our multiplication and division with decimals unit. Students will need to know how to multiply and divide decimals using the standard algorithm, as well as number line models and area models. Currently, there is NOT a test date laid out for that final unit test- but I will clarify that with the Math/Science Team during our Planning tomorrow.

Science:In the last two weeks of school, I like the give the students the opportunity to complete at least two STEM projects a week. These projects are meant to entice their competitive spirit, help them think creatively, and work collaboratively to engineer solutions to problems. We will be constructively marble runs that should coax a marble into traveling 4 feet, a marble maze, a float that will get carry at least 4 pennies without sinking, and houses that will need to withstand the force of a blow dryer (think Three Little Pigs). Typically, the kids get pretty excited about these projects- but in the past I've only done projects like this with one class that stayed with me all day. I will need some help with supplies (masking tape, etc)- namely, one type: Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls. I have, much to my husband's bewilderment, been collecting all of the toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls from my apartment that I can- but in my experience every group of 2-3 students will need 3 paper towel rolls and 4 toilet paper rolls to make their marble run successfully. If you wouldn't mind sending these in with your student, it will make the marble runs go much more smoothly!

Social Studies: The final Social Studies Assessment of the year will take place Wednesday, May 4th. I pushed the test date back a day in order to accommodate our friends in TAG. After that assessment, we will begin our unit on Economics- I would like to have projects for this unit where the kids learn about personal finance through experimentation/design. As of right now, there is not an official test date in mind. I will clarify with more details after the Math/Science team meets tomorrow.

You're Gonna Wanna Mark Your Calendars for These

May 4th- Westward Expansion Test

May 5th- Field Day

May 10th - There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom Quiz Chapters 8-19

May 13th- YAP Book Presentations

May 16th- Abbreviations Test

May 17th- AM Math Assessment

May 18th- Revise and Edit Assessment

May 25th- End of the Year FIESTA

May 26th- Last Day of School

End of the Year Fiesta

Wednesday, May 25th, 1:15pm

3995 Webb Bridge Road

Alpharetta, GA

Parents, it's THAT time of year...the END OF THE YEAR!

Ms. Crowder and I are beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you and your student this year. Each and every student has brought joy to our lives, made us laugh, and will be sorely missed. We were discussing how absolutely incredible each of your students are and how we cannot believe how much they have grown during the year. That being said...we would like to FIESTA!!!!!!!

We are looking for parents to help us throw an incredible Fiesta:

1- Photobooth

2-Uno/Pin the Tail on the Donkey

3-Chips and Salsa

4-Pinata Suncatchers

5-Sombrero Cookie Making Station

Also, please send me any pictures of events of our students during the year that you have! I would like to compose a slide show for the kids of all of our memories!