Band Buzz: October 24, 2021

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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From Your Directors

Fantastic job Falcons! We placed 2nd at the Gulf Coast Classic Marching Contest, the highest we have ever ranked at this contest! Special thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped run the contest, and hold down props during the performance. Outstanding job by everyone!

Area Marching Contest Schedule

Saturday, October 30th

7:00 am Rehearsal

8:30 Depart

9:55 Warm up

10:45 Prelims Performance

11:30-5:00 Down time at location TBD- lunch will be provided

TBD Dinner (will be provided)

5:30 Finalists announced

11:00 pm Finals Results

11:45 pm Return to CLHS

Parents and Students,

Thank you for all the work and time you put into this band program. We would not succeed at such a high level without the dedication and commitment of all of our members. However, with the last big push coming up, I feel I need to address the number of absences in recent weeks. In the past few weeks, we have had several students absent from any given rehearsal. In fact, it has averaged around 10 students absent at any given time. We have yet to have a single rehearsal, or performance (halftime or contest) without at least one student missing. While many of these are excused absences, very few of them have been Covid related.

We need all hands-on deck for this week in order to reach our competitive goals. We scored very well in music on Saturday. Our visual aspect needs work, and the best way to clean the drill and other visual aspects of our show is for there to be no holes during rehearsal. I, and I suspect most of you, would love to see “Metamorphosis in Blue” the way that we envisioned it, everyone on the field at once. Let’s pull together this week and see where this show can take us! with

Thank you,

John Pearce

Director of Bands

Clear Lake HS


From the FBBC President:

What a treat to be able to see and hear such an awesome performance yesterday by our amazing Falcon Band! Thanks to directors for their leadership and all the parents who helped support the band and supported CCISD with the various "press box" duties. I still don't know where the elevator is, but I am going to try and sign up for one shift next Saturday. Check the Signup Genius below to see all the opportunities to help in a role where you don't need to push equipment, roll around carts of water coolers, serve meals in the heat, or sit on props swaying in the wind!

We have some wet chairs and canopy's in the storage room. Chris is figuring out if we will need them next Saturday. If not, they will need to be popped back up so they can be dried out before storing them again. She will make an assessment Monday and we may send out a call for help this week. If you own one of these tents and just want to pick it up wet and dry it at your own house, then the storage room is open during the times of band rehearsals next week.

Ruth Soisson

FBBC President

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Key Event of the Week #1

Order Chipotle Tuesday Night October 26th

We are partnering with Chipotle's for Spirit Night and a delicious way to raise money!

  • Tuesday, 10/26/2021
  • 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • Chipotle's
  • 304 W Bay Area Blvd Ste 600, Webster, TX 77598-4156

All you need to do to ensure 33% of the proceeds is donated to the Falcon Band is show the fundraiser flyer (hard copy or on your phone) or tell the cashier at checkout that you are there for the Clear Lake High School Falcon Band fundraiser before you pay! If you don’t tell the cashier, we won’t get credit for the sale.

Want to order online through the app and pick up? No problem! Use the online ordering code: QFD8PVM. If you have questions about how the online ordering process works, see the flyer below. Fundraiser online ordering is only valid through from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm on October 26 at Chipotle's, 304 West Bay Area Blvd. Suite 600 in Webster.

Ordering delivery for fundraisers is not permitted at this time.

So, grab your family and friends for Spirit Night and help raise funds for our band! Guac on!

We will also post on Facebook and we ask everyone to share this as well.

Thank you!

Deani Quick, Community Spirit Chair

Key Event of the Week #2

Away Game in Freeport on Friday

Our last away game is this Friday. It is farther away than our previous away game (perhaps an hour and a half away). Mr. Drake has given permission for the band to leave during the 3rd quarter! This may be a good time to consider riding the bus.

The kids will be returning to the school at between 10:00 and 10:30 pm. Everything will need to be unloaded Friday night, so that they can have a run-through at the school early Saturday morning. If you are picking up your child Friday night, please consider helping the students unload the props.

Key Event of the Week #3

Area UIL Contest—CCISD is Again the HOST!!

The Area UIL Contest is Saturday, October 30th. Once again, CCISD is the host and all 5 high schools provide volunteers from 7 am to 10 pm. Thankfully, we have “press box duties” once again! If you had a conflict on 10/23, now is your chance to sign up and support CCISD and all the bands in our Area.

Schedule details are above in "From the Director". Click on the SignUP Genius below to indicate how you can help. We need 6 volunteers for each of 5 shifts for a total of 30 volunteers.

Please refer to this document to read about Job Descriptions about Press Box Duties .

Job Descriptions

On another note, thank you for making sure that your kids are at every practice every week.

Link to sign up is below.


Dear Senior Band and Color Guard Parents,

Senior Night is Friday, November 5th and we have been asked to collect information from each of our senior families and send to Lake Administration. All seniors who are involved in games line up on the football field with 2 escorts and their future plans are announced at the game.

I have created a google form for you to fill in your senior's name and future plans.

Senior Announcement Form

Deadline for this form is Wednesday, October 27th

Here is what we have been told so far:

  • A maximum of two escorts should be listed. This is usually 1 or both parents. If parent(s) cannot attend, then the 1 or 2 adults that are escorting them (sometimes a coach, teacher or grandparent). We cannot list every single person they want to walk with.
  • Include a short statement about what they plan to do after high school using the examples provided. If it is too long, we may edit to keep it within our time limits so please be brief.
  • A booster rep will need to be present with the group as they walk checking names before they are called so we can radio any last minute issues or additions (they happen every year and we make changes on the fly). The goal is to get all the seniors presented as this is as special night!
  • Posters will be hung on the fence near where we will begin walking so that participants can get themselves lined up (think like southwest airlines- you get your order and get in line).

We will provide more information as we have it. This is all that we know for now.

Thank you,

Lisa Russell

2nd VP Communications FBBC

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Uniform Care Reminders

· It will be very important to hang up the uniform as soon as you get home from a game/contest. This will ensure it will have proper time to dry and not wrinkle. The uniform should NOT end up on your bedroom floor!

· The uniform should be washed on the GENTLE cycle with the jacket zipped up AND inside out; the bibbers should be zipped fully; and the two gauntlets velcroed together. It is recommended to throw the marching socks, show shirt, sport shorts, and gloves in the wash with the uniform. Avoid putting other clothes in this same load.

· The uniform must be hung separately to dry. Do NOT put it in the dryer!! Hang the bibbers by the feet, as to not stretch out the shoulder straps, and if you have the gauntlets velcroed together you can spread them apart a little, stand them up and make a kind of “teepee” for them to air dry.

· Buttons do sometimes come off…the button is two pieces: the button and a tack backing. Make sure if you find the button in the washer you find the tack too, so it doesn't damage anything in your next load. If a button comes off, have your student contact our uniform chair, Erin Harris ( to repair/replace it.”

· Washing should be done after every performance (or set of performances, i.e. game + contest).

· Students should let the hat box air out for several hours after getting home to avoid trapping moisture from the shako (band hat) and gauntlets. Shakos can be wiped with a disinfectant cloth after each performance.

· After the last performance of the season the uniforms will be checked back into the uniform room.

Erin Harris

Uniform Coordinator

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FBBC Contacts

Our next FBBC meeting will be on Thursday, November 11th at 7pm.

Please see this google doc to contact a member of the FBBC board or any committee chair. This google doc will not be linked to our website to protect contact information of our parents. We will keep this list at the bottom of the Buzz should you need to find it in the future.

FBBC Board and Committee Chair Contact List

Band Buzz Info

If you would like to contribute to the Band Buzz, then contact the appropriate committee or board member. They can send fully edited information to the following e-mail address: . The deadline for submissions is midnight each Wednesday night.

If you think that you may have missed an email, you can always find the Band Buzz on our CLHS Band Website.

Feel free to ask questions with one of the contacts in the link below.

FBBC Board and Committee Chair Contact Info