Projects and Procrastination

The summer assignment is just the beginning


Welcome to ninth grade! I'm Riley Lennon. You're going to learn the basics to entering your freshman year. Some people may say that Honors English 9 is difficult, and they aren't lying. The actually class, including Mrs. Allen, is a ton of fun, but it's only difficult if you make it difficult. You'll get the most out of Honors English 9 by working hard on all of your projects and assignments.

Course Contents!

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Not only do you have to read this novel over the summer, but you continue to read it in the first month of school. After reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, everyone has to do a budget project. In small groups, every student has to create a budget for a family living during the early 1900's. After reading the novel, you'll also just discuss the book on Edmodo.

Divergent - Many of you have probably already read Divergent, but this section of Honors English was actually really fun. Every student gets divided into factions just like in the book. Within your own faction, you and your partners design a shoe box filled with items that would typically be found in your faction. Mrs. Allen also had us watch clips from the movie and discuss the differences from the actual book.

Romeo and Juliet - You'll get to tackle Shakespeare this year. After finishing this long play, we had to make our own playlist that related to the main themes of Romeo and Juliet. Before we started reading Romeo and Juliet, we first learned about Shakespeare and the rest of his plays. We also learned what many Shakespearean words meant.

Poetry - Poetry is the last section of Honors English. Everyone had to create their own

spoken word poem that really showed how they fell. We also watched a movie called Louder Than a Bomb which showed real teens writing poetry. These teens put all of their emotions into writing their poetry. After we finished writing our own poems, we had to record them for the class to view.

Projects Without Partners

Independent Reading - In between every other project, Mrs. Allen will assign an independent reading. We all chose are own books and had different work assignments per every independent reading. Mrs, Allen had us read dystopian, historical, realistic, and nonprose novels. Mrs. Allen finds independent reading very important because it makes us continue reading outside of school while working on other assignments in school.

English Favorites!

Throughout Honors English 9, I greatly enjoyed the independent reading because I got to choose my own books to read. I also liked writing poetry, and watching Louder Than a Bomb.

Not So Favorites...

I thought that reading both The Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet was quite boring. I also didn't like reading Cold Sassy Tree and making a Twitter account about the characters in the novel.

Advice for Freshman

The only advice any freshman really needs is to not procrastinate. If you procrastinate, you'll just get more stressed out about all the work you were assigned. You should always focus on your work. Also, prepare for a lot of tree symbolism.

How to Succeed in Honors English 9

  1. Always keep your binder organized.
  2. Read everything when your'e assigned on time.
  3. Always turn in your work on time.
  4. Plan out your projects.
  5. Don't procrastinate!
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