Make the World a Better Place

Find an organization to support

Environmental Science

Throughout this course we will discuss many concerns that affect the world around you and far away. No matter where the issue is located, with your knowledge, you have a duty to better the world. As a class we will choose one of the following organizations to sponsor in order to make our mark!

Save the World in Style

Apparel and Accessories

Ivory Ella :: Clothing, accessories, jewelry and water bottles. Proceeds go towards saving Asian and African Elephants.

The Elephant Pants :: Pants, tops, bags and accessories. Proceeds go towards saving Asian and African Elephants.

Makai Clothing :: Tops, bracelets and other accessories, Proceeds go towards saving the Sea Turtles.

Devocean :: Bracelets, sweatshirts, necklaces, key chains and rings. Raising awareness about marine ecosystems and building a sustainable future for our oceans. 20% of their net profit goes towards saving Sea Turtles.

TenTree :: For every item purchased, 10 trees are planted.

Original Grain :: For every watch sold, 10 trees are planted.

Miss Abel's Environmental Science Class

Working through organizations to make the world a better place!