Loyalty to Friends

Freak the Mighty

Loyalty to Friends

Max and Kevin are different than most kids. They become friends and battle name calling and bullying together. Freak is a small boy who is extremely smart. Mighty, or Max is so tall for his age that he is considered to be a monster. Fate brings the two together, which is good because they need a friend to be there for them. Society has engrained in their head that they are different. With someone there for them, they can help each other get through their self-consciousness.

The BOOK..

Man VS. Self

This book is Man vs. Self because each character is battling with their own insecurities. Max and Kevin both have been bullied on their appearances and their actions. They have their brains engrained that they are different. After they met each other, neither of them has thought about anything. They have been having fun.

Character Remarks

Freak always has Max's back on everything. For example, when Maxs' father came and kidnapped him, Freak went against his mother's rules and got out of the car looking for Max. Max also would help Freak out; the first day Max met Kevin he helped him retrieve his toy bird that was stuck in the trees. "I'm standing there with Freak high above me and it feels right, it makes me feel strong and smart." (pg. 78) Max is saying he doesn't mind carrying Kevin downtown or around the block. Also, when Freak was put in the hospital for having a seizure, Max came and visited him every day.


Freak and Max are different; but that's what makes them such good friends. Freak is very smart. He is also very short. Kevin has a disease which his intestines grow faster than his body is capable of. Max is very tall and muscular. He doesn't give himself very much credit for what he does.