Macbeth is Influenced!

Sources say that Macbeth cant think for himself.

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Macbeth and His Conquest for Power!

Sources say that Macbeth cannot think for himself. Everyone is talking about the recent downfall of the late king of Scotland! The media has finally pieced together all of the gossip AND all of the facts to bring you this breaking story of the true side of Macbeth. This information to come will describe how Macbeth was influenced most by the ones closest to him and how these actions tragically changed his own personality and beliefs.

The "Witches" of Corruption

Before he reached his fatal demise, Banquo's part in the event was gossiped about in the streets firsthand to our corespondents. Supposedly, Macbeth and Banquo came upon a group of three "witches", as they are being called, are suspected to be the tragic downfall of the late King of Scotland. To the knowledge of this newspaper company, the witches gave Macbeth three titles. The first was the thane of Glamis which he already was, and the next two were ones that he did not. The first title was the Thane of Cawdore. At this time, the Thane was found by the old king to be a traitor and his title was revoked given to the war hero Macbeth, but Macbeth did not know this. The second title was the King.
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Macbeth's Other Half

Unlike Macbeth in his present state, his wife is out to get what she wants and what she wants is to be seen in the most prestigious spot and she will do whatever it takes for her to get there. After Lady Macbeth hears of what Macbeth heard, she came up with a plan. She called Macbeth weak because of his lacking ability to take shortcuts to get what he wants. She proposed that he killed Duncan the King at that time. The street gossip was not wrong here folks!

Macbeth's Shift of Morals!

As previously stated, Macbeth was still struggling with his thoughts about how far he would go for the power. To the knowledge of Scotland's news sources, the next event was what truly changed the late King Macbeth. To secure the power in his own family line, Macbeth decided to take the life of his best friend, Banquo. Even though this decision was made in his own mind, he decided not to do it himself. There is only guesses as to why since no one can have a face to face interview with Macbeth anymore since his beheading. The first guess was by the great Sir Edwin Galdwin. Sir Galwin believed that Macbeth could not bring himself to kill his best friend himself, but he could hire assassins to kill Banquo. The second guess was by this reporter. Based on past events that Macbeth had gone through, he would not want any suspicion to be drawn to him. Instead, he hired the assassins to kill Banquo so people would not see him with Banquo just before the murder as well as lose suspicion that he had killed anyone to begin with.
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The Witches Comeback with More Prophecies

The late king Macbeth i said have found his way back in to the lore of the 3 Witch. But this time their prophesies are not about his rise but his down fall. Three apparitions tell Macbeth 3 prophesies. The first one is said by an armored head that Macbeth should be wary of the Thane of Fife. The second was a bloody child warning him that non of woman born shall harm you. Finally a crowned child with a tree in his hand foretell that Macbeth shall not be slang till the Great Birnam Wood marches toward Macbeth at Dunsinane. After this in counter Macbeth is full of questions and want to know more about what he just saw, but he receives no answers and becomes paranoid and only ask more questions.
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Macbeth's Realization

The last event in Macbeth's story is the most important part of this article. As heard by his guards, Macbeth had the realization that, if he had from early on, power wasn't everything. At what expense is power when all it does is corrupt the soul, morals, bonds, as well as life and everything around you? Macbeth finally realized, but by the end, it was too late. An army was on their way to kill him, his wife was dead, he killed his best friend and killed his king, there was nothing he could do but fight for his life and try to hold his power for a little longer. He decided to stick to the witches prophecy that he could not be killed by man born of a woman, and because of this, he reached his fatal demise at the hands of Macduff. So is the story, the whole story, of how Macbeth was changed by the corruption of power, and how easily it can consume someone until they are just a shell of their former self.
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Macbeth Slain

By the time our reporter caught up to Macbeth in the heat of the battle he was already engaged in a heated argument with Malcolm. The reporter said he heard Macbeth say that he could not surrender or give up because he has too much blood on his heart already. He also reported that Macbeth was so corrupted by his peers that he trusted no one and would have killed anyone to gain his power. Those were Macbeth's dieing words as Malcolm killed Macbath shortly after he uttered those words.
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