Young Rembrandts Art Session

Tuesday, December 1st, all day

Draw. Explore. Learn. Create.

What better way to celebrate December's influential leader--Walt Disney--than with an illustrating and drawing tutorial? During our Specials PD, all students will get a chance to visit with a trained instructor from the Young Rembrandts team who will lead them through a project, from start to finish, in 45 minutes.

Tuesday, December 1st, from 9:05-4:00 PM (schedule below)

9:05-9:50: Non-honour choir students in 4th &5th

9:55-10:40: Choir students in 4th and 5th

10:45-11:30: 3rd grade classes

1:05-1:50: 2nd grade classes

1:50-2:35: 1st grade classes

2:35-3:20: Mrs. A's Kindergarten class

3:20-4:05: Ms. Gough's Kindergarten class

Volunteers Needed! In order to ensure this experience is enjoyed by all, we need parent volunteers to come out and just help us supervising kiddos during this valuable instruction time. Parents are also invited and encouraged to check out this sample lesson from Young Rembrandts to see if this would be an after-school activity heir kiddo might be interested in participating in when weekly classes are offered.

Up and Coming Exciting Event: Weekly Art Classes After-School

Be on the look-out for sign up information about upcoming art classes that will take place after school once a week, with curriculum designed by the creative team at Young Rembrandts School. Pricing will be an affordable $8 per one-hour session, and classes will be led by Mrs. Neas once her training is complete. Classes are limited so if you are interested, please turn in the registration form promptly!