Media Literacy

what is media literacy to me ?

Media Literacy?

Media Literacy to me is reading and writing about what goes on in the media world today. Media is what we see on a day to day basis and how we obtain the information and use it in our lives every day. Media Literacy is how our world is changing every day and what our lives will look like in the future. Media Literacy is about how technology is changing and growing every day and gives us a glimpse of what our lives could potentially be in the future.

When we think about the media we think about how we could reach new innovation and change our world and make it different than it is today. It is the way of expressing new things through media and bringing new ideas to show the world. When we read things in the media it somehow becomes apart what we think about on a daily basis.

Media Literacy is also how people interact with each other every day and how we have easy access to see what people write about their lives and what is going on. We use media for information, acceptance, and the evaluation of new innovation. We read and write on blogs and social sites and show our creativity and express our feelings to others. We receive media literacy from many different things such television, radio magazines, books and video games. We use media to shape our culture and society. Media gives us power and control over what we do. We also evaluate media literacy by or own experiences, skills and beliefs and values.