Weekly Warrior Bulletin

December 18, 2015


Natalie Feliciano (12/22)
Steve Garland (12/22)
Renee Kauffman (12/23)
Leslie Lemon (12/24)
Stephanie Fraley (12/28)
David Morningstar (12/29)

Herald Mail's Coach of the Year

Clayton Anders has been named this year's Herald Mail's 2015 Washington County Football Coach of the Year. We're not at all surprised! Check out the article here.


SLO Updates

District Goal:

1) 81.6% of seniors will meet or exceed 1185. As of 12/1/15, 156 of 183 or 85.2% have met or exceeded.

2) 85.5% of all students graded 9 – 12 will meet or exceed 1185, grade-level target, or growth target. As of 12/1/15, 80.7% have met this.

Addtionally, 118 of 179 FARM students have met or exceeded (65.3%) and 574 of 678 non-FARM students have met or exceeded (84.6%)

ELL & Spanish Courses for Educators

I am excited to share that the ELL Department will be offering an online course entitled “Teaching ELLs in the Content Area Classroom.” It has been approved as a 3 credit MSDE course for WCPS staff and is being taught by ELL teacher Leann Buchanan. It's a 15 week course starting January 27th completely online except for an initial face to face meeting on January 27th at Hickory.

In addition, we are bringing back the Spanish for Educators course. It will be a 1 credit course held Tuesday evenings at Salem Avenue starting in February. It will be taught by ELL teacher Nitza Rivera.

Feel free to spread the word with anyone that may be interested!




Take a few minutes to watch the very short video and read the very interesting article - every one of us could use this strategy or something like it in our classrooms. Here's the link: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/12/10/skills-and-strategies-the-four-corners-exercise-to-inspire-writing-and-discussion/?_r=0


Please click here to nominate a student for Student of the Week for the Valley Citizen!

Counselor Corner

    · If you have 10th graders who are interested in participating within the STEMM Middle College program, please have them meet with the 10th grade School Counselor, Mrs. McDonald.

    · Teachers: Please begin thinking about recommendations for your student’s next year classes, scheduling will be upon us soon!

    · Mr. Gossard and Mrs. Welty will begin meeting with Juniors in the English classes to discuss with Juniors academic plans for next year.

    · Please encourage your seniors to "like" the Boonsboro High School Counseling Center Class of 2016 on Facebook. There is lot of important information posted for seniors on this page. Please also encourage them to check out the "Make It Happen" Center in the Main Office. There are scholarship applications available.

    Don't miss out on improving your practice! WCPS is offering all kinds of professional learning opportunities. Click here to see your options and register.


    SAT 12/19: Breakfast with Santa, 8-11am, BHS Cafeteria

    WED 12/23: Students have requested an Ugly Sweater Day! Feel free to dust off your tacky gear for the day.

    Winter Break - Schools Closed

    MON 1/4: Faculty Meetings (8am or 3:30pm)

    THU 1/7: AP Social 7pm


    Friday, Dec 18, 2015
    3:00 Varsity Wrestling @Musselman
    Indoor Track: Varsity Dwight Scott Invitational @HCC
    5:30 Girls Varsity Basketball @WHS
    7:00 Boys Varsity Basketball @WHS

    Saturday, Dec 19, 2015
    7:30am Varsity Wrestling @Musselman
    10am Freshmen Boys Basketball @NHHS

    Monday, Dec 21, 2015
    6:00 JV Boys Basketball vs. Catoctin @BHS (7:30pm Varsity)

    Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015
    4:00 Freshmen Boys Basketball vs. SHH @BHS
    5:30 JV Girls Basketball @Catoctin (7pm Varsity)

    Monday, Dec 28, 2015
    11:45am Varsity Indoor Track Frostbite Invitational @Prince George Sports Complex

    Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015
    10am Varsity Wrestling @SmHS
    1:00 Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Musselman @BHS
    7:00 Boys Varsity Tournament @BHS

    Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015
    5:00 Girls Varsity Tournament @BHS

    Saturday, Jan 2, 2015
    2:00 Varsity Indoor Track Smithsburg Invitational @HCC

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    Thank you CHRIS SPAID for ensuring student safety in the cafeteria and minimizing injuries. THANK YOU!

    Thank you SALLY POOLE for your daily help with our most challenging and difficult students! You don’t know how vital you are to a smooth operation. THANK YOU!

    Thank you WENDY STRUNK for assisting in a major school disruption and maintaining a calm, professional demeanor throughout! THANK YOU!

    Thank you CINDY OURS for making sure a student was able to share a very special moment with her family! Kudos!

    Thank you TRACY SALKA, AMY TAYLOR, MINDY WELTY, and DANI MCDONALD for attending SAT training this week!

    Thank you JUSTIN BAKER, PETER O’CONNOR, and MISCHELLE COLELLA for organizing and teaching the Hour of Code sessions.

    Lots of positive student feedback on the hour of code! Great team effort- JUSTIN BAKER, PETER O'CONNOR, MISCHELLE COLELLA, JOHN KNIGHT.

    Thank you to BOBBIE MAHAFFEY for her efforts in coordinating the January HSAs.

    Kudos to the ACADEMY COMMITTEE for organizing college talks

    Kudos to LINK ORGANIZERS for keeping Freshmen motivated

    Kudos to TRACY SALKA for attending SAT update seminar

    Kudos to MICHELLE BARANOWSKE for covering for a colleague

    Kudos to CUSTODIAL STAFF and MICHAEL BAIR helping with NHS induction

    Kudos to MOLLY SHEARER being a cheerleader for struggling learners

    Kudos to JASON ORENDI for being a thoughtful Department Leader!

    Kudos to CHRIS SPAID for breaking up the fight in the lunch room, getting some nice street cred.

    Kudos to the SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT for being the most awesome people to work with!

    Kudos to MR. FAZIO AND MR. WINK for handling several issues this week.

    Thanks to BETH DOWNIN, JAYNE MOORE, and ALLISON WADDING for helping me out with coverage!

    Kudos to BELINDA LUCAS for bringing in a guest speaker to talk about insurance and driver safety to Starlene Hamilton’s Financial Literacy class.

    Thanks to MICHAEL BAIR for some great drama collaboration ideas!

    Thank you, BOBBIE, for giving pep talks and giving the SRI to a lot of kids who need another chance to show what they can do!

    Thank you, CINDY, for always being a positive force!

    Kudos to the 2nd and 3rd LUNCH SHIFT STAFF for always being a good listening ear, you know who you are!

    Thank you to SARAH HAMILTON and the SGA KIDS for their Christmas donations to our students in need!

    Thank you to CONNIE BURLEY and the FCA KIDS for their Christmas donations to our students in need!

    Kudos to the ENTIRE BHS FACULTY AND STAFF that includes the disabled with a happy heart - letting our students know they are sincere members of the community, contributing and doing things they like to do, that they are supported and empowered. Special thanks to MISCHELLE, KAREN, and ANN for spending extra time and effort teaching students how to navigate public transportation in the most powerful city in the world ! Amazingly awesome work by all.

    Thank you, BELINDA LUCAS, for caring so much for your students' success.

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