Early China

Rene, Lauren, and Ryan


There were two different regions and civilization that influenced early china. These two Civilizations were the Shang and the Zhou civilization.
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Their were 2 main dynasties in early china, the Shang, and the Zhou. The Shang dynasty lasted from roughly 1766 to 1122 BCE. They are famous for having a large walled capital city, called Anyang, and for having more power given to people. The kings only had relatively small areas of land. Princes and other nobles governed more land. The Zhou dynasty lasted from 1122 to 256 BCE. It ended the Shang dynasty with a rebellion. It was a period of massive growth.
Chinese History: The Shang Dynasty


There were many achievements in early china, but the biggest one was silk making
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Silk making was created by the wife of the emperor(Yellow Emperor) during Early china. Silk making was keep a secret in china for 1000 years
The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9


In early china there were two different religions, Taosim and Confucius. The biggest religion though is Taosim.
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This is Laozi, he is the founder of the Taosim religion. He also founded other traditional Chinese religions another name for this religion is Daosim. There are two main schools within the religion, philosophical and religious Taosim. Philosophical Taosim is more about the writings of the religion and religious Taosim is more about the rituals of the religion.
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