AWANA Backpack Night Oct 10

6:25-8pm at Auke Bay Bible Church

Theme - Backpack Night

This Wednesday is Backpack Night.

Sparks and T&T - Pack a bag (just what will fit in one bag) with all sorts of random items from home and bring it to club with you. The commander will also pack a backpack, and prizes will be awarded for all the items that match what he has in his bag.

(For those of you who have attended our club in the past, this is a version of Reverse Scavenger Hunt night with a twist.)

Cubbies - This is a bit too hectic of a theme for Cubbies to participate in during the closing ceremony for the scavenger hunt part, but they are still welcome to wear a backpack to club to join in the theme that way.

Awana Store Night for Sparks and T&T

This week will be the first Awana Store night. Be sure to bring your Awana bucks with you so that you are prepared.

Candy/Prize Donations Needed

The Awana Harvest Carnival will be on Oct 31 this year. In preparation for this annual event, if anyone would like to donate individually wrapped candy or other small items that could work as prizes for the games, that would be much appreciated. Donations can be brought with you to club on any Wed night leading up to the carnival. Thank you for your support!

2018-19 Themes & Parent Info

Click the below links for useful info for the year!

Nursery Schedule

We are still looking for more volunteers to help in the nursery during Awana, particularly from Oct 24 on. This is a vital element to help our club nights run smoothly so that leaders with little ones can serve without distraction. There will be about 4-5 kids in the nursery each Wed, and we need 2 people in there with them. (background check required) If you can help fill this need even just once a month, sign up here.

  • Oct 10: Sarah Schaal & Kisti Boudreaux
  • Oct 17: Angie Regier & Kisti Boudreaux

ABBC Church Website & Facebook Page

Have you checked out the Awana pages on the church website recently? The online church calendar shows the weekly theme, and the Awana specific pages have been updated also.

Are you a Facebook fan? Like our page to keep updated on upcoming events by that method also.

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Cubbies Corner

~Here is a special place for info related specifically to our littlest clubbers, 3-4yrs old.
  1. Oct 10: Unit 1: Bear Hug 5 & 6
  2. Oct 17: Unit 1: Bear Hug 7
  3. Oct 24: Unit 1: Bear Hug 8

HoneyComb Audio Files to help with memorization

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Sparks Space

~Special Notes for K-2nd Graders

Need help with pacing to complete your handbook this year? Check out the BookWalks for suggestions!

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T&T Territory

~Mission 3: Agents of Grace - 3rd-6th Grades

  1. Oct 10 - Unit 1 Lesson 4: God is our Strength - Psalm 46:1
  2. Oct 17 - Unit 1 Lesson 5: God is our Peace - John 16:33
  3. Oct 24 - Unit 1 Lesson 6: Unit 1 Review - All Unit 1 verses

  • Fast Track: This is a time from 6:10-6:25 when clubbers can say their verses in advance of club. Meet a leader in the Conference Room across from pastor's office. This is especially helpful for anyone who gets behind a week so we can be all together on the same lesson during Small Group Time.

  • We encourage you to work on your section during the week, but what does that mean?
  1. Read your memory verse and review verse for the week out loud 3 times each day.
  2. Answer one question from your Bible Study page each day.
  3. These two simple things will probably only take you 5 minutes each day, but by Wednesday, you should have your Bible Study all completed and be a lot more ready to quote your verses. Plus you will be hiding God's Word in your heart and spending time with Him each day!

Keep practicing Unit 1 verses

The last section of Unit 1 is a review of all the verses learned during the unit. Keep practicing each of them each week so you are ready to say all 5 on October 24 for Lesson 1.6 Unit 1 Review. Here are some verse songs to help you practice.

1.1 God is Our Savior - Titus 3:4-5

1.2 God is Our Hope - Romans 15:13

1.3 God is Our Advocate - I John 2:1

1.4 God is Our Strength - Psam 46:1

We look forward to seeing you on Wed!