Gold Medal Winter

By: Donna Freitas

Preview of Gold Medal Winter

After years of practice and competition, of sit spins, perfect poses, and thrilling high jumps, Esperanza Flores will be skating for the United States! But when the excitement of an Olympic shot comes new attention-and Big distractions. Suddenly, Espi can't go out with her friends, or even out her back door, without reporters and autograph-seekers following her every move. The other US figure skaters have a lot more international experience, and they let Espi know they don't think she's ready.

Esperanza is geting gold!

Espi goes through a lot of problems wall she is at the Olympics and still polls through and wins could. Wall she was there she made a new friend and that friend was her room mate for the Olympics.

Drama queen no more!

Espi gets polled into drama with friends, Family, liking 2 buys, and not having a good start at the Olympics. She gets over all that and is able to land her quad sal for some big points to win the Olympics .


Espi wanted to win the Olympics, But she got wrapped up in a lot of drama. So when she was up and it was her final chance to win gold she blocked everything out and landed her quad. Then she was so happy that she won gold at the Olympics and she would put her medal in her favorite restaurant at home.


-Never go on to the internet or you could get wrapped up with a lot of drama.

-Don't flirt with boys

-Try your best even if you are hard time with it.


This book is a great book for people in sports to give them a heads up that try not to get tangled up in drama before you go into a big game or tournament.


*10-16 years old

*4-8 grade

*313 Pages

*Donna Freitas

I would give this book*****because it is a really good book.

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